How to Create a Blog

What is Blog?

Blog is a basically type of website. Blog is like a forum and a personal website. It is a free off cost personal website. We not pay any cost of webhosting and domain. Blogs are usually maintained by an individual person with regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events, or other material such as graphics or video. Our entries are commonly displayed in reverse order. Recent post has come on top.
Most blogs are interactive, allowing visitors to leave comments and even message each other via widgets on the blogs and it is this interactivity that distinguishes them from other static websites.

Type of Blogs

There are many types of blogs. There category define not only type of content but also in the way that content is written. Some type of blog like Personal Blogs, Corporate and organizational blog, Subject wise Blogs, media type blog, Gadget type blog and many more.

How to Create a Blog

First you choose a blog platform it is similar to selecting a notebook or Diary. In online market many blog platform is available but most famous blog platform is wordpress and blogger. Blogger address is it also called blogspot and another is wordpress

How to identify blogger and wordpress

Blogger but the suffix and wordpress put a suffix
WordPress is not allowing JavaScript. Blogger does not have the limits when you customizing template but wordpress have many limits. Blogger allows using many numbers of widgets. WordPress give to a xml file but blogger is not. Search engine treated WordPress blog like a website.
I know many person choose as a platform. Then we start creating a blog. First go to then create a google account. Blogger is a product of google then you have any account of google product then u can login in
First you login then you can chooses your blog address and name like this..
Blogger name is not too long. once you written a blog name then click on check availability it may happen the blog address in not available then you enter another name may it’s available. then you chooses the appearance of blog. Blogger give some default template you can choose any one but don’t worry if you not like this template then you can change latter. The template design in XML language. The advantage of the templates you to change at any time look so easy and simple. So, you are done with all pre procedures and successfully created your blog and ready to start posting content or write articles. Click “Start Blogging
Blogger Editor
This is your post editor, If you want you can write at that moment your first post or leave for another time. First Field is Your Article Title Field here you can enter your post title and second part is Article Body part here you can write you article and last part is Label it is use for keyword.

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