How to Create Bank Management System Programs in C++

This C++ programs on BANKING SYSTEM has account class with data members like account number,name,deposit, withdraw amount and type of account. Customer data is stored in a binary file. A customer can deposite and withdraw amount in his account. User can create, modify and delete account.
In this banking system project, We have not used graphics to keep program simple.


//                   HEADER FILE USED IN PROJECT
using namespace std;//***************************************************************
//                   CLASS USED IN PROJECT
//****************************************************************class account
int acno;
char name[50];
int deposit;
char type;
void create_account();    //function to get data from user
void show_account() const;    //function to show data on screen
void modify();    //function to add new data
void dep(int);    //function to accept amount and add to balance amount
void draw(int);    //function to accept amount and subtract from balance amount
void report() const;    //function to show data in tabular format
int retacno() const;    //function to return account number
int retdeposit() const;    //function to return balance amount
char rettype() const;    //function to return type of account
};         //class ends here

void account::create_account()
cout<=500 for Saving and >=1000 for current ) : “;
cout<        Type  Balancen”;
cout<    while( (?), sizeof(account)))

//        function to deposit and withdraw amounts

void deposit_withdraw(int n, int option)
int amt;
bool found=false;
account ac;
fstream File;“account.dat”, ios::binary|ios::in|ios::out);
cout<    cin.get();

//                END OF PROJECT

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