How to download and Install Viber on PC

Viber is by far one of the greatest applications for connecting to anyone in the world, freely! You can send messages, or call your friends, share photo or videos with them. And all of this without even spending a dime. Viber users can stay connected from anywhere in the world!


  • Windows, Mac or Linux Operating System on the PC.
  • Mobile application installed and set up on your phone.

How To Install Viber On PC

  •  Viber gives 3 choices for downloading the application to your PC. For Windows, for Mac and for Linux. Depending on the OS that you have, click to ‘Get Viber’ option in green


  • Once you have downloaded the ViberSetup.exe file onto your system, double click it to open the installation page. Accept & Install the set up.


  • You are agreeing to the End User License Agreement by choosing to accept and install. It automatically downloads the Viber into your PC, within a fraction of seconds.


  • Now, it will ask if you have Viber installed on your phone. This is a mandatory step.


  • If you do not have viber application installed on your smartphone, you cannot activate it on your PC. If you choose ‘No’, this is the page that you would get.


  •  If you have Viber application already installed on your phone, choose ‘Yes’. You would be asked to enter your registered phone number. Entered the registered phone number and click on ‘Continue’.
  •  You would get an ‘Activation Code’ on the mobile Viber you have installed. Make sure you keep your phone by your side.
  • Once you put the activation code, you can ‘Enter Viber’. You can see a message now, saying ‘Hi there, your contacts are already here. Select a contact and start a conversation’.


That’s it, now you can start free conversation with anyone anywhere around the globe! Follow the same rule to install Viber for Mac and Linux operating systems as well.

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