how to generate random numbers in java?

In many places we need random numbers. Java provides classes to help you in generation random numbers for your application. Random Number is the frequently used to generate numbers either in the range or without specifying a range.This section shows you how to create a random number and example provided here will help you easily understand and use the code to generate random numbers in your java application.The Random class of java.util package can be used to generate a random number in the range which can be specified. If you don’t mention the range value then program will generate any random number for your.
Random is the class of java.util.*; package. This class is used to create a random number through it’s created object using the 48-bit seed which is modified by the linear congruential formula.nextInt():
This method returns a random number in random number generator’s sequence. If you pass a value to the method then the method return the random number in the mentioned range otherwise it will generate the random number in sequence according to the random number generator.
import java.util.*;public class RandomNumber{
public static void main(String[] args){
Random randomno = new Random();
int num = randomno.nextInt(10);
System.out.println(“Generated Random Number between 0 to 10 is : ” + num);
int numNoRange = randomno.nextInt();
System.out.println(“Generated Random Number without specifying any range is : ” + numNoRange);

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