How to make an application on Facebook

Writing F8 apps is where it is at right now. Everybody knows it. The user base is huge and now we have a (free) API to. Everything is good but the documentation.

You will write a basic facebook application that will have links to our profiles and a Google site search box. You can build slightly more complex application that contain RSS feeds, Video Clips, Game and many more application.You need is some knowledge of web programming languages and some free space on a web server where you will host your Facebook app.

OK, let’s get started

First login in Facebook then go to search box and search developers


Go to the Bottom of facebook and find Developers 

And open a Developer page and Click on Apps

Then Click on Create New Apps

Give your New Facebook App name and namespace then agree to the terms and policy then click on Continue Button Next Step is Security Check of Your application then press on Continue Button

Then, Facebook will give you an API key and a secret key. At this time the application is ready to run, but you can add more information and icons.

Here, you will be asked for a Canvas Page URL that is the unique url of your application. Being obviously unique, all best names have been already taken (just like domains). In Canvas Callback URL, you have to enter the URL of the page on your server that will host the application. And Save At this time your application is ready to be executed.

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