How to Make Your Facebook Life Easy and Comfortable

Facebook has already become a part of our life. Some of us can’t think of a day without spending some time in Facebook. This is not because of the reason that we share our thoughts and things we like with our Facebook friends. People use Facebook to get information from a variety of sources, to form groups for various purposes, to invite people for various important events and also to gain attention and increase popularity. Doing so many things without considering the consequences can make your Facebook life complex and that’s why you may need to close or deactivate your account. What are the proper ways to use Facebook? Go through this article and it will guide you to make your Facebook life easy and comfortable.

A simple suggestion is adequately helpful in this regard and that is “Use Facebook as Facebook says”. So if you use Facebook in a way that is recommended by Facebook itself, you will find Facebook an important source of information and entertaining. Some examples can clarify the whole things.

Many of us have a tendency to make so many Facebook friends. To do that, people use to send friend request to someone unknown. This practice isn’t good at all. Facebook recommends you to send a friend request only when you know that person or sending a friend request will not disturb the receiver. Similarly, Facebook suggests you to accept the requests coming from the people you know. Having unknown friends in Facebook can be a problem for you. You will have to go through all the stuffs shared or liked by your unknown friends. Even you may miss something from someone close to you just because of the reason that your news feed is flooded with the stuffs from your unknown friends. In some cases, you may have to deal with fake accounts too. Definitely it’s nothing good that someone is following you using a fake account. Sometimes you may be disturbed by the stuffs shared and liked by your known friends. You can “Unfollow” those disturbing people rather than “Unfriending” them as “Unfriending” someone can deteriorate the relationship between you. Facebook offers you a great way to stay close with people really close to you. You can categorize your Facebook friends on the basis of relationship you maintain with them. If you categorize someone as your close friend, Facebook will keep you close to that friend and stuffs from that friend will hardly be missed.

In Facebook we involve ourselves in many groups. Some of these groups are really important and useful for us. Being a member of a group which isn’t necessary for you can disturb you in many ways. You will receive notification every single time other members are posting in the group. You can leave a group or “Unfollow” to avoid the notifications. Similarly you can stop getting notification from a post in which you have commented earlier.

Your “Account Settings” as well as “Privacy Settings” determines how much open and accessible your account will be. You can prevent unknown people from dealing with your stuffs by customizing your settings. Even you can prevent some contents, in which you are tagged, to be appeared on your “Timeline”.

So, Facebook offers you a variety of options to use it in your own way. Now you yourself will decide what you are going to do. You can use Facebook to meet your needs or you can use it to waste your time.

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