IAN launches Startup Dosti for Indian, Pakistani entrepreneurs

Indian Angel Network (IAN)  has partnered with SEED Ventures, a Karachi and London-based investment firm, and Washington DC-based Atlantic Council to introduce a new cross-border business plan competition called Startup Dosti. The initiative will primarily connect entrepreneurs from India, Pakistan and the diaspora community to facilitate collaboration. Also, post the competition, shortlisted entrepreneurs from both the countries will get an opportunity to access markets and mentors from across the border.

The initiative will connect entrepreneurs from India, Pakistan, and the Diaspora community and facilitate collaboration. Through this business plan competition, shortlisted entrepreneurs from Pakistan and India will get an opportunity to access markets, and mentors from across the border.

“Startup Dosti will interconnect the entrepreneurial communities across India and Pakistan, thus creating a platform for exchange of ideas, mentoring, and assistance in access to markets. Given the similarities in the market stages in India and Pakistan, entrepreneurs from both countries can now look forward to assisted access to a significantly sized market in their neighborhood. IAN is delighted to partner as this collaboration will help drive the economic growth in the region and build another track of seed / early stage ventures between India and Pakistan,” said Padmaja Ruparel, President, Indian Angel Network.

Last year, IAN launched Venture Engine in Sri Lanka to encourage entrepreneurship and innovation in the country.

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