Infographic:Google Search Vs Facebook Graph Search

Facebook recently introduced graph search, an innovative and more personalized experience to help you find up-to-date and relevant content.

Based on natural language instead of Google’s keyword based search, the idea behind graph search is that it uses Facebook profiles, pages and friend information to give you more meaningful results.

This infographic explains how Google and Facebook Graph search stand head-to-head with each other and how Facebook’s Graph Search is the future of internet searching.


How Facebook’s Graph Search Will Change Digital Marketing

Facebook’s announcement last week of their new Graph Search feature has certainly made an impression on the digital marketing community. The feature hasn’t even been rolled out to the masses yet and already marketers are scrambling to find a way to use it to their advantage. If Graph Search enjoys even modest success, it will only be a matter of time before Facebook SEO becomes a viable business. Agencies will add it as a service line; Books will be written about it; Facebook SEO “gurus” will plaster all of our blogs with ads promoting their services. You know it is all coming. Well, the reality is that we don’t know how or if Graph Search will be a success. It is way too early to tell and there are too many external factors that will dictate the feature’s success. What we can do is predict some of the basic areas of digital marketing that it will impact and then marketers can start to prepare their campaigns by proactively addressing them. I have been writing quite a bit about the Graph Search topic over the past week and decided to wrap it all up in a more creative way. Here is a little infographic that my agency’s Digital and Creative Teams put together to summarize the ways we see Graph Search changing digital marketing in the future.

How Facebook's Graph Search Will Change Digital Marketing

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