How to install And use Turbo C++ In Full-Screen on Windows 7

C is The Mother Language of Computer Programming. Every Computer Programmer used turbo c for coding c and c++. Turbo c++ is a very widely used compiler for C and C++ in most Indian schools and colleges. Turbo C++ is very old Compilers but currently many compilers avilable in market like Eclipse CPP, CINT, Borlend. They have many features but still students are never exposed to such new technology updates, they are not confident in using latest C++ compilers.

Most students and programmers are disappointed to know that Turbo C or C++ does not supports Full Screen mode in Windows 7. So we have worked in this problem frankly speaking even me too faced this problem after a research we find the solution with one click software solution. Which make you turbo c installed and full screen enabled .

Turbo C does not work in Windows 7 So to make it work on OS 7 we are taking help of DOS Emulator DOSBOX. Dosbox has a repution of being very light and stable emulator for DOS based programs and was developed with the intension of using it to emulate DOS games and programs on linux systems. So here we are with a pre emulated and fully working Turbo C++ compiler for Windows 7 and Windows Vista .It is a one click installation setup which enables you to use Turbo C++ on Windows 7 in full screen mode. The setup package which we are providing here is a simple pre-emulated Turbo C++ setup which is already to run on Windows 7.

Download and install Turbo C on Computer – Turbo C Compiler
Download and Install DOSBOX for 64 bit OS : Download DOSBOX
DosBox for those who are using 32 bit OS : Download DOSBOX

Install the software DOSBOX and Open DOSBOX

DOSBOX Intallation

Then Type some commands

SET ULTRASND=240,3,3,5,5

Now going to Mount the current working directory of turbo c on Virtual Drive O in my pc it is C:TCBIN. Then Next step is to Navigate to Virtual Drive O. and then C:TCBIN is mounted in to a Virtual Drive O so just give command to open your Turbo C ++Compiler and Then Press Alt+ Enter and Enjoy Full Screen Mode in Windows 7 and Upgrade Version .


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