How to Install Whatsapp on PC/Laptop for Windows 8/7/xp/vista

We have shared before how to install android on PC.   So here is the simple way to install whatsapp on PC or Windows 7/XP/8/VISTA in simple steps.  You need 2 min to read this and 2 min to apply. Then you will get access to your whatsapp on pc.

 Reasons for this Tutorial:
1: We have our laptops so why we should open our mobile phone to see what is going on our whatsapp.

2: Sometimes we do not have android phone and on some mobile devices whatsapp does not work.

3: Sometimes we do not have laptop or mobile we have our old system. But we want to use and experience whatsapp? So this tutorial will help you to do this.

Ways to install whatsapp on pc.

We have shared two ways in our previous tutorial how to install android on pc. So here i will tell you how to install whatsapp on those softwares.

 1: In Bluestakcs :

Run Mobile Apps on Windows PC

First way: we need whatsapp apk. You can download this from official site of whatsapp. So if you have bluestacks than just download it and after downloading just run this apk. Now your whatsapp will be there in your bluestacks In my apps area.

Download and Install Whatsapp on PC/Laptop for Windows 8/7/xp/vista

2: In Youwave.

YouWave, Android on Windows PC

Here is also we have two ways.

First way: Search whatsapp in youwave Android emulator. Then install it with its usual way.

Second way: It is little bit lengthy. So follow below steps to install whatsapp in your system.

Step 1: Download whatsapp apk as same we have downloaded for Bluestacks.

Step 2: Now you need to copy and paste this apk in youwave directory. In my case location is C:>>users>>rohit>>>>youwave. If you do not know what is the directory? Then just click on help button and then on instructions. You will find your directory for youwave.

Download and Install Whatsapp on PC/Laptop for Windows 8/7/xp/vista

After copy and paste you will get apk in your youwave as shown in above image. Now double click on the icon and your whatsapp will be installing in youwave. After installation you can see your app in menu of youwave. As i have shown in  right side of image.

Limitations of whatsapp:

1:This is not free. I m mentioning this point because sometimes people do not prefer paid apps. But for one year you can enjoy it free.

2: Only single phone number can be use on one whatsapp installation. So if you want to install whatsapp on youwave and Bluestacks as well then you need 2 different numbers to verify.

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