How to Install WordPress on your Computer

WordPress is an Open Source program, which allows your to handle your content on the internet. Setting up WordPress on the internet is easy which takes less than 5 minutes to set up. However installing WordPress on a Local Pc gives you more versatility to test new plug-ins and styles on a windows system before trying out on a actual web host.

Other than testing objective, if you are a beginner, it’s good to set up WordPress on your PC to get acquainted with WordPress and it’s features or you might end up damaging your web host. Now there are many tips on how to set up WordPress on your Pc.

First thing you will need is one of the applications to use, including WordPress. There are many choices but I have found that these apps have seen the most success especially with people trying it for the first time:

Windows – WAMP, XAMPP, Vertrigo or Ampps. These Server are free you have download it.

Step1: Download any one Server Install the Server . While Installing the Server choose the installation location carefully. It is not necessary to select only C drive, you can select any.

During installation choose your web browser to access Server and allow Windows Firewall to access Apache HTTP server. You can keep the PHP email parameters as it is.

Step2: Start the server. You will see a new icon in the system tray bar or All Programs.

Step3: When the Server is start then open browser and go the url bar and right http://localhost/ Then it’s show the screen.

Step4: Create a Database then open browser and go the url bar and right http://localhost/phpmyadmin

Step5: Go to Database and create a new database. Ex: wordpress . And make sure you have selected “Collation” from drop down.


Step6: Download latest version of WordPress from and extract.

Step7: If you are using wamp then go to your drive where wamp install if you use d drive then go to d:/wamp/www folder and paste the extract file. or If you are using XMPP then d:/xampp/htdocs folder and paste the extract file. or if you using vertrigo the d:/vertrigo/www /or if you using Ampps then also go to the d:/ampps/www/

Step8: Now go to http://localhost/wordpress/ and click on create a configuration file.



Database Name: wordpress

Database Host: localhost

username as “root” and keep the password blank. Run the install if you using xampp, wampp, ampps then user name root and password is blank other wise user name root and password is vertrigo.


Step9: Enter Site name, choose login username and password. And click on Install WordPress. That’s it! You have finally installed WordPress on your computer.


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