iXiGO launches destination trivia gaming app Yo! India

Gurgaon-based travel search engine iXiGO.com  has launched a free destination trivia gaming app – Yo! India. It is Available in both iOS and Android platforms, the app is available free of cost at the Apple App and at the Google Play Store.

Free Destination trivia gaming app called Yo! India. The app Yo! India tests a player’s knowledge of Indian destinations by asking them to keep guessing places in India from their pictures and giving players points for answering correctly in a short period of time. Players can browse through hundreds of destination photos, win badges, and share their scores and achievements on Facebook, with the ultimate objective of becoming the “Travel God” of Yo! India by topping the scoreboard. The game is also launched for both iOS and Android platforms.

According to the company, iXiGO’s entire team worked on building this app in a 48-hour Hackathon organized a few weeks back and the entire processes of ideation, blueprint preparations, curating and creating content, building the wireframe of the app, designing components, development, testing etc. were completed within this record time.

Ernesto Cohnen, VP, Products at iXiGO.com, said, “If you thought travel companies cant build mobile games, think again !  When a bunch of technology, development and marketing folks are locked in a closed space with free-flowing pints of beer, fun and loads of food, they brainstorm and come up with killer apps such as Yo! India. I am sure our users will love this game and learn a lot about many  beautiful destinations in India by playing this!”

Saurabh Srivastava, VP, Marketing and Product Strategy, iXiGO, added, “Would you recognize Bibi-ka-Maqbara if you saw only its photo? Our Facebook photo puzzles had great infotainment value. We wanted to extend that by building an app that not only entertains but also educates, and make travelers more aware of hidden gems of places in India. A player has to achieve seven levels starting as a ‘Beginner’, moving up to the level of ‘Scout’ and the final destination of becoming a ‘Travel God’.”

In June 2012, iXiGO.com had launched a visual trip planning product called Trip Planner. According to the company, unlike horizontal search engines that respond to user queries in the form of links to pages with information, iXiGO Trip Planner provides a visual representation of options for modes of transportation, directions and rich information about destinations. iXiGO is an investee company of SAIF Partners and MakeMyTrip Limited.

Source: http://techcircle.vccircle.com

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