Kindle Fire HD 7″ vs Google Nexus 7 Comparison Smackdown

The Kindle Fire HD 7” tablet is Amazon’s follow-up to the successful $199 Kindle Fire (now reduced to $159 and rechristened the Kindle Fire SD). The HD Fire improves just the things we wished for as first gen Fire users, but it’s not the power monster that the also $199 Nexus 7 is. That’s fine with us because the tablets aim for two very different kinds of users. The Kindle Fire HD is for those who want a tablet primarily for easy content consumption; and that means Amazon’s ever-popular content plus services like Netflix, HBO Go and Hulu Plus. In fact, you can even side-load the Android Nook app if you like!

Google Nexus 7: Google’s first Android tablet is here, and the Nexus 7 is hard to beat if you’re looking for a budget 7 inch tablet that doesn’t skimp on important features. The 8 gig model is $199 and the 16 gig model is $249, and that gets you a sharp 1280 x 800 7 inch IPS display and a fast quad core 1.2GHz Tegra 3 CPU with GeForce graphics. It’s slim and good looking too, with curved sides, a rubbery back and a clean design.

Lisa Gade compares the Kindle Fire HD 7″ and the Google Nexus 7 Android tablets. Check out the full review links for these two tablets.

[youtube id=”00tmliWHDZw” width=”620″ height=”360″]


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