Lauren Summer Treats Her Fans With Hot Selfies During Coronavirus Self-Isolation

Lauren Summer is a model and brand executive at Shag-mag. She went viral after flashing her private body parts with models Kayla Lauren and Julia Rose behind home plate during Game 5 of the World Series at Nationals Park.

This incident skyrocketed her fan following on her social profile as fans flooded her Instagram in a bid to see more. She has currently 2.4 million followers.

Lauren Summer With Toilet Rolls

She tweeted that she is keen to ensure her fans’ spirits soar high during the coronavirus outbreak. She posed for hot and steamy pictures with nothing but holding toilet rolls to protect her modesty.

Lauren Summer

In one picture she held two in front of her breasts with four between her legs.

Lauren captioned the picture as: “Okay but all jokes aside, hope everyone’s doing alright and taking care of themselves! Wash your hands, be smart, but don’t panic (Or buy toilet paper in bulk). We’ll be alright!”

Here are some of her steamy photo shoots during latest lockdown.

She captioned this hot bath tub photo as : ” Spending my quarantine doing nothing but taking bubble baths and playing Animal Crossing. What about you? “

The one with Kyla Lauren ..

The One With Her Boy Friends..

The one in balcony..

How about some pretty crop top moments!!

Ohh that naughty side show!!

Having fun at beach side in pre-lockdown era.

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