Learn the Tips for making your Youtube Videos Search friendly

Before I share these tips, you need to understand that Youtube have their own algorithm to rank a video. Even if you are buying inorganic youtube traffic, it will not ensure that you will rank higher organically. One of the known factor of ranking Youtube video is, view-time. If a user starts watching your video, and quit in first few seconds, your ranking is mostly likely to go down. So, I assume you already working hard on creating compelling Youtube videos, and using an eye-catchy thumbnail to get more CTR from related and embedded videos. Now, lets look at some of the most important Youtube SEO tips, which will help you to get more organic visits to your videos.

 1.  Title of the video – Use Keywords

Video title is the name of your video by which one can know that what is inside your video, having title which perfectly match to your video content will be very friendly to viewer and also to the youtube algorithm for seo, give the suitable title to your video here is the ways by which you can get seo optimizes title for video-

A)- Take advantage of search engine auto complete feature, if your video is about something which you think people will search on google like tech tutorials , then use auto complete feature of google.

Here you can notice that I have typed few keywords and google is suggesting me to check all these results, this is because these are most searched queries regarding your keywords, you can put the suggested query by google as your video title  this will give you good ranking on google search.

B)- If your video content is about something which you think people can search it on youtube like music video or live tutorials  then take advantage of youtube auto complete feature . Put your video title according to your keyword by taking advantage of youtube search auto complete.

2. Description of video.

Write description about your video content, first 2-3 lines matters a lot to rank your video high in search engine, give a short description in 2-3 line which cover the theme of your video and what is going to be inside the video. you can also use search engine auto complete keyword phrases as your description. If the searched keyword is matching in  first 2 line of your video description then video will get higher ranking.

In above image you can see that my search keyword is matching to the video description which is in the first two lines, using long tail keyword as your video description will amazingly rank your video .

3. Naming your video file before upload.

You have created and edited your video and it is ready to upload on youtbe, but you rendered your video file  as mov001.avi or random_name.mp4, make sure you rename your video as your_keyword.mp4, naming your video file as your focused keyword actually tells the search engine that what can be inside your video, Search engines cannot look inside video content this is the file name which tells search algorithm that what  your video is about to.

Having video file name as your video title helps search engine to easily index video and it gets higher ranking. So put your targeted keyword into video file name.

4. Use closed caption (CC)  feature in your video on youtube.

Use closed caption feature of youtube, this will shows your text over the video which helps viewer to understand your video narration and can be translated into different languages, upload transcript of video,  actually transcript contain the text of what was said into video, youtube’s new algorithm automatically convert your voice into transcript which makes easier to activate it or you can also write closed caption if your video doesn’t contain voice.

Using closed caption gives video a new way to get index into search engine since it has keyword written in there, also write your transcript into video description doing this makes your video keyword rich which is very friendly to the search engines. You can also take advantage of service like captions for Youtube, to create captions for your uploaded Youtube videos.

5.  Tagging & Keyword research for YouTube video.

Tags are another important way to get ranking in youtube search, here are few tips to put tags in your video-

  • List specific tags first :-  Write your main keyword first, doing this will put weight in algorithms.
  • List general tags :- Write general and matching keyword (Example-  If your main keyword is “Shoutmeloud” then general tags can be “Blogging tips” , “Harsh Agrawal” ,” WordPress help”, like something ).

You can use Tubebuddy tool which help you find right tags to be used with your video. It also shows your ranking for particular keyword. This tool is used by many pro YouTubers & highly recommended for your Youtube channel as well.

  • Also include misspelling of your  tags :- Like if you have keyword “Real SEO” then also put “Reeal SEO”  How you know peoples are searching for you, go to youtbe analytics and check for Traffic resources.
  • Include singular and plural of you tags, like if your keyword is ” Tattoo Art” then also put ” Tattoo Arts”,  and separate your keyword into different tags like ” Tattoo”  & “Art”.
  • Include Phrase into tags such as your long tail keywords.

Keyword Research for Youtube Videos.

Getting keyword idea is one of the important part of SEO, you cannot think all possible keywords to include in your video, here I’m using Google Display Planner tool to get keyword ideas, basically google has two such tool Keyword Planner and Display Planner, I recommend you to use Display Planner in order to get relevant keywords.

Display Planner not only gives you huge number of keywords, but also provide insight of searched keyword, download this ad group ideas as excel file and include these keyword and phrase into your tags, title and description.

Having same targeted keyword in video tile, description and tag will surprisingly index and rank your videos in search engines.

By the end, it’s up to you on creating compelling and interesting Youtube videos. Specially when you are working on tutorial videos, you should focus on a target audience, and prepare your script targeting those audience. Do ensure that you ask your viewers to like and share your videos on favourite social-networking sites. Another good Youtube SEO tip for bloggers is to, embed your videos within blog post, as it will help you to get more views.

I religiously follow all the above SEO tips for my uploaded Youtube videos, and I recommend you to do the same. If you know of any other SEO trick for Youtube, feel free to share with us via comments. Don’t forget to share this useful resources with other Youtubers on your Facebook and Google plus profile.

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