How to Make Money Online by Blogging

Are you that person, who dreams of earning money by blogging because it is so much in the trend and you need to make some extra money? If so, you are not alone in this. Today everybody who is an enthusiast and wants to earn more can do so by establishing a blog where you can share your knowledge of your niche and people get to know you with your writing style. There are many ways to earn online by blogging. There are certain steps to follow, Let’s see some of those ways.

How To Make Money Blogging

I would like to share some great tips from bloggers who know how to do it and have tested it by earning loads of money by blogging. You always need to remember that every blogger has their own way of earning money from their blog. The following points are a general and basic list of tactics for beginners to enlighten them as to how to start earning. Some of these points will work better for some blogs other than some and vice versa.As beginners move further in blogging, they’ll discover their own ways of earning extra bucks. Let’s Discuss.

AdSense – Having an approved AdSense account and using it can show amazing effects to your blog. You just need to be patient enough to get your AdSense account approved and there you’ll start your earning right away. You should set the ad spaces to 250 x 300 pixels for image and text ads, this works best for any blog. These normal ads can be a big source of earning for you.

Affiliate Programs – Blogger biggies do run a lot of affiliate program on their blogs which brings smaller amounts of money making it not so potential medium of earning but still it adds up to their account. There are millions of products online that you can promote or market on your blog for a certain price, like, WordPress Themes, Coaching Programs, E-books from other authors etc. There is a great advantage in running affiliate program on your blog is that, some of these products turn out to be so great that they sell on their own and you may receive Email of people thanking you for recommending such a great product, and you get to earn.

Selling E-Books – This is supposed to be great way to get popular and earn big bucks. All you need to do is explore your niche, learn a lot, and then put up all your expert thoughts into a series of paragraphs and compile it to make a great sellable E-book. Take “Make Money Online” as a topic for example. Now who doesn’t want to know the ways of earning money. It’s true that E-books are generally sold in not a price above $20-$25. But still it adds up and imagine if even 15 people bought your Ebook in a week its worth giving a shot.

Amazon Affiliates – Amazon’s Affiliate Program can prove really fruitful to increase your blog’s earning possibilities. May be at first you would make a few dollars only but later when your blog becomes a bit known it can be a great earning opportunity for your blog. Generally this program pays off most during special occasions like Christmas when people tend to buy more things. Try it and earn more.

Chitika – Chitika has claimed itself as a great performer and it works best on product related blogs. Chitika is an extensive network of advertising partners globally which draw search targeted, local and mobile ads. You can use it on your blog with targeted keywords and earn a whole lot of revenue.

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