How to Make Money by Writing and Selling EBooks

A flair for writing, a knack for business and at home with the world of Internet, and you can sit right in your couch facing the computer screen and make a fine living!  Writing eBooks and self publishing them are a major source of revenue these days.

The new boom in the indie genre of literature all over the world has been a huge success in the electronic media of mass distribution. It is quite simple and there is an endless thunderclaps of writing content. All that is required for a starter in this field is to feel the pulse of the market and hone their marketing skills.

The opinions doing the rounds in the market are varied and there’s no exclusive way to climb up the ladder. Though, it is always helpful to keep a few things in mind before setting off to achieve your creative and materialistic goals.

How does it work?

While choosing what topics to write about for the eBook, the demand of the consumer market needs to be kept in mind. The availability of the topic in the Internet is also an issue. For achieving good sales for the eBook, it is always a safe bet to go for eBook directories which accept work submitted by authors. It is a fact that the top of the scale eBook sellers such as Amazon or the Barnes and Nobles group accept work submitted by renowned book publishers only, but there are quite a number of less assuming firms online which accept work directly submitted by authors.

The self hosting option is also available for the self-sufficient ones. In such a case, you would have to set up your own blog or website and put your eBooks up for download through some sort of payment system for example the PayPal. You can offer your books in any format you want.

Top Websites for selling your eBook

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing

It is almost effortless to sign in to this website and publish your eBooks, putting them up for display to thousands of Internet surfers. You can also earn a royalty of up to 70 percent for the eBooks.


This one’s speciality is the wide range of network in the retail sector that it provides to the readers for displaying their eBooks for sale to the consumers. It has big names like the Barnes & Noble and iBookstore under its belt. You even have the independence of setting your own price for your eBooks.


This will help with most of the difficult work like hosting your eBooks and securing the delivery of the eBooks to the customers. Handling payments is also done by them with the help of PayPal. All that is required of you is uploading your eBooks.


Smashwords also has a lot of network partners under its belt like the Apple iBookstore, Sony Reader Store, Barnes & Noble, Blio, Kobo, the Diesel eBook Store, Baker & Taylor’s, the Axis360 and many more. Registering itself entitles you to 9 free formats for converting your eBooks and free ISBNs.

Kobo Writing Life

Kobo allows you to reach out to consumers in more than 170 countries. This ‘do it yourself’ eBook publishing system makes the eBook you upload available in their primary catalog.


It is a free eBook publishing service which also helps you to design the cover of your eBook. It also helps you to publish it in the market.


Blurb consists of an eBook creator online which helps you to get started. After designing and compiling your eBook, it can be put up for sale in places like the Apple iBookstore.


E-Junkie is well-known for its service to allow the authors publish their work in PDF format. eBook security is also offered through ‘PDF Stamping’.


It helps to manage your work and promote it, while tracking your sales and revenue. The Scribd store though is available only for the United States, Canada, Australia and United Kingdom users.


ClickBank offers you to activate an account with a onetime fee of $49.95. You can promote your work through more than 1 lac active affiliated marketers of ClickBank.

Opinions on how to be successful in this field differ and there is no model which a writer can follow for assured success. But there are various ways available for an author of calibre and grit to not only weather the storm, but also come out smiling at the end of it.

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