How to make a website

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Before launch a website, you have to make plan about that website. For any website Content is very important for a website a visitor of a website search for content. So, you have to keep on mind that, your website visitor should find content easily- what they search on their website. Before launch a website, you have to create plan that, you have to optimize and track website for visitor.

1. Choose a right domain name for your website/ Business:

At first you have to choose a nice domain name for your business. Domin name should be easy, related to your business and easily memorisable. .com . .net. .edu, .gov, .org,, .co etc are domains TLD. If you want to buy .com / .net domain, you have to spend $6 – $10. You can buy domain from various companies like,,, etc.

2. Choose hosting for your domain:

Hosting means- server space, where your file’s should be kept. You have to choose which types of hosting you need. There are many types of web hosting. For example , Shared hosting, VPS hosting, Dedicated hostihg, cloud hosting etc. You can buy paid hosting or use free hosting., etc. If your website has large database / or file download site, you need large disk space and bandwidth. If your website has too many traffic, you need high bandwidth.

You can also see list of best free hosting companies here like,,,,, . But I suggest you to purchase paid hosting and free hosting have a lot of problems. Also cPanel hosting is best for hosting operating. Many hosting company will provide you free software’s to build website.

3.Build your website:

After buy domain & hosting, you have to build your webite. You can build yourself or build from any website designer. To build a website, you have to know HTML, CSS, Javascript etc. WordPress, joumla, dreamweaver, phpBB etc are the popular webite building software to launch website. From them wordpress is best. In your hosting cPanel, you can get scripts’ for wordpress . You can install wordpress on your server.

4. Website security:

Website security is very important to launch a website to protect from hacking. If you keep yor website’s file on your local hard disk, keep it on a place where is not easily navigateable. Use strong password for cpanel and website’s admin area. Here is the example of some strong password: @#uUg&2-%Aa. If you use wordpress, use security plugins for your wordpress.

5. Content king

Content are called the king of a website. Always think what the visitor wants on your website and encrich your webite with that kind of contents. Contents should not be copy pasted, otherwise search engine will mark yor website as spam. On , you can check your content is spam or not.

6. Easily navigate-able:

Your website should be easily navigatable so that customers can easily find contents what they search. You have to arrange menu and other content to easily navigate your website.You should Plain HTML and css to decrease load lime of your website. Ifyou use wordpress, use cache plugins to speed load/ speed up your website.

7.Create Sitemap:

In this website launch projects, create a sitemap of your website use and use to create website feed.

8. Submit Sitemap and website:

To get visitors from google, yahoo , bing anfd other search engine, subite your website in popular search engines. To submite sitemap in google, use google webmaster tools – .

In gogole webmaster tools, use email subscription so that google will email you when your website have any problem. In gogole webmaster tools, use email subscription so that google will email you when your website have any problem. To submit binging webmaster tools-

Mass Search engine submission: I don’t khow are the mass search engine submission tools really work or not. There are some websites who offer mass search engine submission submission service free. List of mass search engine submission website list are given bellow:

9. Test your website:

It is very important to test your website before launch your website. You should test your website in various browsers – in Mozilla Firefox, Google chrome. Internet explorer etc and if your website is cell phone related, test your website from Nokia browser, opera mini, android phones, and windows phones. Here is some website list where you can test your website:

10.Search engine optimization:

You may launch a website for visitor and if you do not get any visitor, your website will valueless. Most of the website visitors are come from Google, yahoo and other search engines. To get more visitors from search engines, you have to do some SEO task. Just get backlink by submit your website’s link in high page rank directories, forum signature, blog commenting, social bookmarking and article submitting. If you are not expart about SEO, you can use oDek, Elance, etc website and hire workers to do SEO for your website.Ping your website, when your website is updated. This will notify search engine that your post is updated at search engine will quick index your site. There are many ping and Mass ping websites. Use any of the following ping sites from list of ping site. (Do not ping too much, otherwise, your website will mark as spam. )

11.Add visitor counter:

After launch a website add visitor counter / traffic counter code on your website to track visitors of your website so that you can easily track daily website visitors and sources from where they come from. Here is some popular sites from where you can track websites visitors and sources.

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