The Next Mark Zukerberg: Morgan Moe

“Morgan Moe” the Founder and Chief Clinical Innovation Officer of StrokeLink, she never thought that she’d start a business in school. Morgan is a University of Calgary graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology and is also a Registered Emergency Medical Technician in Alberta. In her last year of university she did just that what she never expected, she came up with a new idea to help stroke patients with their recovery.

In her last year of university she, along with three of her friends, began creating a soon-to-be released iPad app and corresponding software system designed to give power to stroke patients and allows them to monitor their progress and even create exercises of their own. “It’s an application to empower stroke survivors,” she says. Moe, now the chief information officer of the company, called StrokeLink, is part of a growing cohort of students who are adding “business owner” to their résumé before graduating from school.

She has received the Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award and the Millennium Excellence Award for leadership, innovation, academic achievement and community service. She is still continue with her strive in innovation at healthcare. Morgan’s mainly focusing on prevention of chronic disease. Morgan is a determined healthcare innovator with a strong vision for the future of healthcare delivery.

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