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With the advent of global access of web, the number Blogs has been dramatically increasing day by day. But how many bloggers are making  money ?  Majority of bloggers don’t get anything from their blog while  some earn enough to support their daily expenditure. A few skilled bloggers earn a handsome amount to dare to quit their regular jobs.  The basic question is-  ” Why this indifference” ?

Everyday a lot of bloggers ask me the same question how can they also earn a booty from their blogs. At such point I usually recalls the story of a famous blogger.Let me tell you :

Back in 2005 a political blog was started by a USA based Greek lady.  With the growing popularity the traffic increased and so the need for finance.  In August 2006 the venture fund SoftBank Capital was called upon to invest $5 million into the site to hire  staff and to provide the resources needed to make the updates to feed the news cycle 24*7 as the site grew in fame.  In Nov 2008, another $15 million was raised up to sustain the strength as the weblog included more literature sources and regional confirming was ramped up across the USA. Merely after 6 years of launch, In July 2011 that the blog’s web page visitors surpassed the doyen of conventional media,  the “New York Times”, for the first time. That was a historical landmark.

“In just six years new media had shackled 100 years of conventional media”

Seven years after the first publish was already released, it was sold to AOL for $315 million to add to its other online weblog resources such as Engadget, TechCrunch and MovieFone.

Today it’s web page guests is calculated at over 77 million visitors monthly.

I am talking about Huffington Post. So that is the real power of a blog.

Break Point:

This was a deciding moment in the history of media and web. It created a stir among the information providers. Netizens viewed it as a revolution and joined the brigade of blogging.

It was  the crucial point where New media was replacing and disrupting old media. The era of 2005-2010 is considered to be the budding period of the BLOG world.

In one sense this new media is just a variation of old media except that it is online. It is still traffic, eyeballs and advertising.

It just goes digital.

Blogging has evolved rapidly because of the social web and in the past was driven by building email lists which took a lot of time. With the advent of social media their marketing and growth have been supercharged.

Global access and influence at the speed of a tweet, a Facebook share or a viral video.

Milking the  Cash Cow Today:

To make money from a blog in present scenario you do not have to be a Huff Post or Mashable post. There are many ways to make a living out of blogging that can enhance your current business and lifestyle that are within everyone’s grasp.

Here are few of them:

1. Advertising

Huffington Post is not a one off earning bounty in the blogging world. There are many blogs and still counting that generate revenue in millions.  Few of them are Mashable, labnol etc.

30 Blog’s That Make A Lot Of Money Online

 Rank  Website  Owner Monthly Earnings  Main Income
 1  The Huffington Post  Arianna Huffington  $2,330,000  Pay Per Click
 2  Mashable  Pete Cashmore  $560,000  Advertising Banners
 3  Perez Hilton  Mario Lavandeira  $450,000  Advertising Banners
 4  Techcrunch  Michael Arrington  $400,000  Advertising Banners
 5  Smashing Magazine  Vitaly Friedman  $190,000  Advertising Banners
 6  Timothy Sykes  Timothy Sykes  $150,000  Affiliate Sales
 7  Gothamist  Jake Dobkin  $110,000  Pay Per Click
 8  Tuts Plus  Collis Taeed  $110,000  Membership Area
 9  Car Advice  Alborz Fallah  $70,000  Advertising Banners
 10  Venture Beat  Matt Marshall  $62,000  Pay Per Click
 11  Slash Gear  Ewdison Then  $60,000  Pay Per Click
 12  Life Hacker  Nick Denton  $60,000  Advertising Banners
 13  Dooce  Heather B. Armstrong  $50,000  Pay Per Click
 14  Steve Pavlina  Steve Pavlina  $45,000  Pay Per Click
 15  Talking Point Memo  Joshua Micah Marshall  $45,000  Advertising Banners
 16  Problogger  Darren Rowse  $40,000  Advertising Banners
 17  Kotaku  Nick Denton  $32,000  Advertising Banners
 18  Shoemoney  Jeremy Schoemaker  $30,000  Private Advertising
 19  Coolest Gadgets  Allan Carlton  $30,000  Advertising Banners
 20  JohnChow  John Chow  $29,000  Affiliate Sales
 21  SmartPassiveIncome  Pat Flynn  $21,500  Affiliate Commissions
 22  Joystiq  AOL  $18,000  CPM Advertising
 23  PC Mech  David Risley  $16,000  Affiliate Sales
 24  Freelance Switch  Collis Ta’eed  $15,000  Membership Area
 25  Abduzeedo  Fabio Sasso  $12,000  Advertising Banners
 26  Sizlopedia  Saad Hamid  $11,000  Pay Per Click
 27  Overhead in New York  Michael Malice  $9,000  Advertising Banners
 28  Six Revisions  Jacob Gube  $9,000  Advertising Banners
 29  Noupe  Noupe  $8,000  Advertising Banners
 30  Retire at 21  Michael Dunlop  $5,000  Affiliate Sales

Mashable’s model is based almost exclusively on building huge amounts of traffic that makes it an attractive platform for advertising. Current page views per month total approximately 50 million.  This also means producing a lot of content. To put that in perspective Mashable publishes dozens of articles a day to feed the content beast.
This  model is becoming complicated as advertising rates fall. But the rewards can be good with some reports that Peter Cashmore is worth nearly $100 Million US and the blog has been valued at over $200 million.

2. Sponsorship

Sponsorship is the main revenue source with sponsors including American Express, Optus and GoToWebinar.

Suzi Dafnis is a brilliant business mind behind a very effective weblog that targets company females in Australia. It is known as the Australian Business Women’s Network. Its just her right approach, excellent blogging techniques and right revenue model that her blog has just won “Best Australian Blogs Competition” in the business Category.

3. Affiliate

Affiliate marketing  is the art of either promoting other individuals’ items on your website or getting associates to offer your items.It can elevate your income.

One of the key tricks to being successful in this is building marketing relationships with highly effective on the internet influencers and other weblog writers who have important followers on the internet. Some of the leaders in this space consist Frank Kerns and Jeff Walker.


4.  Sell Products

Selling products on blog is a great source of income. There are a number of websites selling products on the blog like Amazon and e-bay. They pay a handsome amount for that.
Tucker Max is a blog and brand that is memorable but maybe for all the wrong reasons. If hedonism is your thing then Tucker Max is is your man. He makes money from the blog in a variety of ways. The main source of income is selling his products on Amazon.


5. eBooks

Darren Rowse is the brain behind Problogger. He Not only made that blog a business success but also started a Photography Blog called “Digital Photography School” with over 1 million subscribers.  His eBooks on “blogging” and “photography” have become his main source of income

Darren makes money from his blog in 12 different ways. It shows that making money from your blog is not just restricted to one revenue stream. The main challenge is working out how you can monetize with multiple channel sources.


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