How To Merge Multiple Facebook Fan Pages with Different Names

Many Of People At Facebook Would Have Created a number of Facebook fan page each having it’s ownDifferent Names , but over the passage of time, Sometimes All Of These Pages Can’t Be Handled Easily And Thus It Goes To Dead Rubber Because All Of Them Having A Different Names .

But Hey , If I Say These Multiple Pages with Different Names Can Be Succesfully Merged so as to give Yourself more time to focus more on A Single Facebook Pages And Not Having A Worry For Posting In The Mutliple Facebook Pages To Get All Of Your Facebook Fans Intention . Instead Of That You Could Do It Simply By A Single Facebook Fan Page . I Can Bet , You Wanna Know How .

Ok, Here’s The Two Method For It . May Be You Would Be Similar To A First Method But Can Guarantee That 99% Of The Total Readers , Would Not Be Similar To The Second Method .

Method 1: Merging directly from your page admin settings

Let me make this clear that the First Method Will Not Work for Many Of You Because Many Times ,none of those pages Wouldn’t have similar names. They are not duplicate pages per see, it is more like merging pages no longer in use with an active one. Anyway, you can still give it a shot.

1.} Go to your fan page, Click on Edit Page at the top, then, Update Info

Merging directly from your page admin settings

Go To The Update Info

2. Now select Resources from the links on the left. If any of your pages qualify to be merged, you should see the option to Merge duplicate pages on this page.

Here’s It What You Will Get There . I am Showing You The Both Conditions i.e. when You Qualify For The Page Merge And Another When You Simply Don’t .

Facebook Page Setting

If You Qualify Then ,

Facebook Marge Page Setting

It Possible As May Be your pages Won’t qualify to be Succesfuly merged as They Will They Have Diffrent Facebook Page, and eventually You Would Be using the other method outlined below.

Method 2: Using the duplicate pages merging form

This is simple and straightforward and as a matter of fact, very easy.
Please Just visit

Facebook Duplicate Pages Merging Method

Web Page Where You Will Be Able to Merge Pages

You should see a form and here, you can merge up to Six Facebook fan pages Into One but You Can Also For Sure ,only Do Two Or three Or So On.

Then Just Please Select the page you want to keep first and then use the other options to choose pages you want to merge with that first one. Click Send and you should see this:

Facebook Saying That You Will Get An E-Mail Response Shortly

According To Facebook , You will get a email after 48 hours, And If Its Success Then , This Is What You Will Get.

You should now have a single page, combined from a place page and two fan pages. You’ll have the vanity URL of the newest fan page with the fans of all three. Enjoy!

Good luck! Let me know how you go.

Leave your comments, frustrations and triumphs in the comments below.

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