Modified Google Now speaks your language

Google’s initiative towards intellingent personal assisstance (Google Now App) has overcame the hurdle of language across the world. Google Now, aiming to be a smart assisstant for Android and iOS users was being severely hampered due to the lack of support for thousands of languages.

The engineers at XDA-Developers have developed a creative solution for this.XDA-Developers forum has managed to support a lot of alternate languages by partially modifying the Google Now app.

Google Now is an app that works as an intelligent personal assistance for the Android and iOS users available within Google Search. It uses natural language user interface to to make recommendations and answer queries. Now app perform actions by delegating queries to a set of web services.

“It is no secret that we are an international community here at XDA,” the post on the website reads. “With users living in practically every country on earth, it should come as no surprise that not everyone’s first language is English. However, not every first party Android app retains full functionality when used on other system languages”

Using this feature will let the app on your mobile tender you information in any language you prefer- even in your native tongue, a feature solely missed in the global services.

The Google app will beautifully work with any language that Android supports. This update is sought as a global call for companies to see how much necessary is multilingual support. Google Now is now useful for the wide variety of global users.

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