How to Monetize your website to Viglink?

I started trying Viglink to help monetize a couple of websites (including this one) two months ago. The sites I used it on were either not making much money, or had lost their income because of changes to the Ebay Partner program. I did not have high hopes, but now that some time has passed… I have made good money from them, and can now recommend them as a legit source of income for virtually any type of website.

They have provided some important income during a period of massive change in the affiliate / Google / SEO world, money that I would have otherwise lost.

If you are finding your income falling off, then you really should give it a try, it does just about everything automatically, they approve everyone, and getting up and running takes only a few minutes. If you are new to making money on the web, you will like them too.
How it works

Websites and blogs can add a small code snippet to their pages and they will automatically make affiliate links out of current links, add links when consumer products are found that could be monetized, and even have an option to “re-affiliate” links, which means Viglink will take any affiliate link (say an eBay affiliate link for example) and automatically change that link to another link if it detects the new link will pay more.
How to get started?

The process is very simple, very quick and risk free.

1. Sign up for Viglink (takes only a couple of minutes – there is no “approval” wait. Just sign up and go).
2. Add the code to one of your pages (to get an instant test of what it does)
3. If your test page looks good, add code snippet to rest of site (or just add to footer of your wordpress blog).
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