How to Make Money with Google Adsense

Making money with Google Adsense is one often one of the first methods of making money online discovered by work-at-home hopefuls. Unfortunately, there are lots of misconceptions in the blogosphere as to how to make the most money with Google Adsense. Like with most other areas of income generation, slow and steady wins the race. Read the quick guide to Google Adsense below to learn the basics of making money with this popular program.

Careful niche and keyword selection is quite possibly the most important aspect of making money with Google Adsense. With proper selection of both niche and keywords, you’ll be able to choose to choose a topic with low competition and a fair payout for each keyword. A profitable niche doesn’t necessarily mean having keywords with a high cost per click (CPC). Often times, you’ll be able to make more money in a niche with keywords with a CPC of less than $1 as the market will be wide open and you will therefore be likely to receive more traffic and a higher Click through rate (CTR).

Content Creation

Once you’ve selected your niche and target keywords, the next step is to focus on content creation. The more quality, targeted content you place on your website, the more visitors and ad clicks you’ll have. Avoid creating keyword-stuffed content. The search engines will be likely to identify your website as spam and you may be blacklisted and blocked from appearing in the search result pages.

Ideal keyword density is an aggressively argued subject. However, most bloggers agree that a maximum density of 2% is ideal. It’s normal to make very little or no money in the beginning of your journey. But as your domain name ages and the amount of quality, optimized content on your blog increases, earnings will naturally increase. Of course, you can help your earnings along by attracting visitors to your site.

Many bloggers are surprised by how difficult it is to continuously write quality content. If you’re in this camp of bloggers, consider hiring an affordable and skilled freelance writer to ramp up your content creation. This is the true form of creating passive income. But of course, many hopefuls simply don’t have the money to pursue this option; therefore they must create the content themselves.

Ad Placement

In order to avoid seeming like a spam site, it’s important to carefully select your ad placement. Generally, just one ad above the fold, one large ad on the sidebar and another on the footer is enough to generate revenue. This prevents your audience as well as Google from being turned off by the amount of ads. Every site is different, however, and you’ll have to experiment with the ad placement and ad types in order to find what gives you the highest CTR.

Promoting your Blog

Blog promotion is vital in your pursuit to make money with Google Adsense. Social media is often the go-to promotion tactic for good reason – it works. It helps your fans and people that have shown an interest in keeping up with your content be reminded of your blog each time you update your social networking accounts. Every blog should be on the main social media channels, such as Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.

SEO is the most important promotion tactic. If you are inserting keywords into your content naturally, you’ll be started in the right direction in regards to SEO. Another vital component of SEO is having quality backlinks that point to your site. In the past, simply submitting an article to a subpar article directory was enough to get backlinks that were “good enough.” Nowadays, guest posting is the go-to way to ensure that you are receiving quality backlinks.

If your niche lends itself to podcasts and webinars, this can be an effective way of building a loyal following. However, unless your blog takes an authoritative, coaching direction, it will be difficult to gain followers through these mediums. However, blogs that focus on teaching the ins and outs of a specific niche are likely to succeed with podcasts and webinars.

Making money with Google Adsense isn’t necessarily difficult, but it does require hard work. Your success is paved by the quality of research you perform long before even publishing your first post or purchasing your domain name. Posting quality content on a consistent basis and marketing your blog in creative and proven ways is the second part of the recipe to making money with Google Adsense.

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