New Facebook Smiles to Use with some code

Facebook has introduced 43 more smiles to use directly without using any application for its users to chat more frequently.Smiles are the best way to express your feelings and Facebook was lagging in this field, even I myself was expecting some more smiles from Facebook.Earlier we were having some limited number of smiles code to use while chatting on Facebook and if anyone wishes then they had to go for any application or external apps.But here is the list of Facebook smiles which you can use directly while chatting with your friends without using any application. Copy the codes and paste in your chat message. They’ll appear as earlier you were using :  ) for :) &: P for:p

Their Screenshot has been given in the picture attached below.

Every code is attached with f9 within double brackets. Remembering these codes are very simple. If you are feeling sad press [[f9.sad]]

In the same way you can use [[f9.cake]] to send a birthday cake smiley to your best friend.


Hope you will love them all, now Use frequently and express yourself in a more impressive way.

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