How To Open Blocked Sites [Facebook, Youtube] At Office OR College

With these amazing methods out here, accessing blocked sites in college becomes a cakewalk. Let the authorities take any steps they want, no one can stop us open blocked websites like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc that we want to visit. Just use any of this methods below.

Here are some different methods on How to open Blocked Sites

1. Using proxy websites

Use any of these proxy sites below to open all blocked sites. This allows the user search the web confidentially as anonymous.


2. Using Proxy in Web Browsers

For this method you will have to get one proxy. Get one from here

In Chrome, first go to “Settings” then click “Advanced Settings” now click on “Show Advanced Settings” in the Network. After that click “LAN Settings”. Tick the “Use proxy server for your LAN” check box.and now type the desired address and port number to “80” and Click “OK”

In Firefox, Click on Tool then Options. Now Click on the Advanced and select Network tab. After that click on inside Connection settings. Select manual proxy configuration. Now, enter the HTTP desired proxy in the box and enter the port name. Check the box “use this proxy server for all protocol”.

3. Using WayBack Machine / Internet Repository

Wayback machine is basically an internet archive that keeps the index of popular websites. Now if you open the latest copy of the blocked site you want to browse through Wayback Machine , you will be able to browse the site which will be almost like the real site.

Link :

4. Using Google Translate

This is an amazing technique in which you make a fool of translation sites such as Google Translate. These sites allow you to surf the translated version of the desired website in their page. So, you just have to double translate the blocked website in order to browse it.

5. Using TOR Browser

Still find the above methods difficult to do. Just D*wnload the TOR Browser. It is one of the safest method to open blocked website.
Link :

These methods are easy and will work for sure. Now, whether blocked or not you will be able to open any website that is blocked at your workplace or College/University. So, go and have fun!

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