Popular Top 10 Android apps for college students

In This Article we have discusse top 10 very useful apps for Android devices. The list is geared towards apps that college students will find useful in particular. Many apps have numerous functions that make them useful for the general public too, however this list is we compile some apps useful for students. Each apps the list contains a reason why it is useful for students.

The Play Store is flooded with so many Android Apps – let alone Android Apps for college — nowadays that it is hard to sift out really great ones to use, and with a tight college schedules — for students and professors alike — it is often an impossible task.

But this list is perhaps all you would need: here are 10 Android apps for college you simply must have if you own an Android smartphone and go to college. I use most of these apps myself; and they are functional, good looking, smooth, tested and everything else you could hope for.

1 – Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram Alpha

This is a tool you can use online but has been organized into an app that you can use on your Android. It is a little bit like a search engine; however, instead of providing you a list of documents, it consults a database to give you answers to questions. It is good because it gives answers to mathematical questions too, which is not a commonly seen function online. It is a good little app for researching very specific data, such as magazine circulation or the amount of money Microsoft made last year.

2 – Studious


This app is useful in two ways (for students anyway). It can be used to remind you of important events such as presentation days, exam dates, homework deadlines, coursework deadlines (and the like). It can also be used to automatically silence your Android. A student needs only to program the times of his/her lessons/lectures into the Android and the app will put the device on silent for the duration of the lesson/lecture.

3 – Schooltraq


This is a day planner that is similar to a calendar planning app. The biggest difference which makes it worthy of a mention is its organization tools. It allows you to program in your homework, coursework and exam deadlines, which you may then condense down into a very minimalist display. The minimalist display can be opened up so that all the details may be seen. It works well because if a student has three or four items due on the same day then a screen full of text is inviting things to be forgotten and overlooked. You may also cloud sync your app so that you can check your deadlines from more than one device.

4 – Note Everything

Note Everything

This is another note taking app amongst a sea of many, but this app has a special mention because not only can you take, file and filter your notes, but you can use a few of its other tools too. For example, it lets you file various note types and organize them in a fairly customized fashion. It also has built-in barcode integration. Finally, it has quite a few sharing tools to make sharing your notes a little easier. It is not an app that is worlds above the multitude of other apps available on the market, but the extra tools make it worthy of a mention.

5 – Kingsoft Office

Kingsoft OfficeThis is an office app that has many of the features you would expect to find on Microsoft Office’s desktop version. There are too many functions to go into on one article, but there is a word processor, spreadsheets, etc. It also allows you to open twenty-five file types.

6 – HandyCalc

HandyCalcThis is a graphing and scientific calculator, which is good for many college courses you may take. It is more of a convenience app for doing one-off calculations when you have left your scientific calculator at home. You will still have to purchase a scientific calculator because you will not be allowed to take your Android (and app) into an exam.

7 – Dictionary.com

The Dictionary.com website is now popular enough so that most students have probably had a glance at it at least once. The app is currently free, which suggests that it acts as a portal to their website, meaning you will need an Internet connection to use it. As a bonus the app allows you to have access to the dictionary definitions, as well as their thesaurus, voice search, audio pronunciation, and various other minor functions.

8 – My Class Schedule


This is an app that works as a calendar that you can program with your college schedule. You can synchronize your calendar with the cloud so that you can use the schedule tool on other devices. They have added a function that allows your schedule to remain transparent, which is handy for when you have a document over the top. You can use the document to fill in your calendar, whilst still being able to see the calendar.

9 – CamScanner/CamScanner HD

CamScanner/CamScanner HDWhen you are in college there are going to be numerous occasions when you wish you had a photocopier but do not. The app is useful in times when you see a certain snippet of information in a book, to copying the notes of your peers. This app fixes that little problem by allowing you to use your camera on your Android to take a photo scan of the text. This app supports high definition cameras too, and has a clever little contrast function that clears up the image that you photograph. It focuses the image around the text so that bits are not blurred, and uses a contrast function to make the text easier to read. If you cannot get your hands on a scanner then this app is a very convenient tool.

10 – Alert Student

Alert StudentThis is more an app for people studying medicine, since it allows you to organize medical knowledge in a digital format. It is geared towards storing multiple clinical terms and reams of information under single headings (in menus that can be opened up to reveal more information).

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