How to Promote Your YouTube Channel on Twitter

Social media is a really great way to get more eyes on your videos or vlogs. There are tons of great social platforms you can use to your advantage such as Google Plus and Facebook. But in this post, we’re going to discuss how you can use Twitter to promote your YouTube channel. Let’s start with:

Encouraging Retweets

Every time someone retweets a link to your YouTube channel, it is seen by more people. For example, let’s say you tweeted a link to your latest video and it was retweeted by 4 people with 1000+ followers each. That means your video could end up being seen by thousands of users on Twitter. That is why you should encourage retweets.

A great strategy that many use is to include the phrase, “Please RT” at the end of their tweet. Tell your followers how much a retweet helps you. But be careful not to annoy your followers by always asking for a retweet.

It’s also important to effectively time your tweets. You are likely to get more retweets when people are awake and not sleeping. So if your followers are in different countries, make sure to read over their time zones. This should help you get to more retweets.

Use Hashtags

Every time you see a word preceded by #, it’s a hashtag. They are used to turn words into short links and are shown in search results. For example, #Thenextseo is a great hashtag to have at the end of tweets linking to your Video Blog. If you’re tweeting a link to your prank video, then include the hashtag #Prank.

Hashtags make your tweets more searchable. This helps showcase your YouTube videos and vlogs every time someone searches for the words, “vlog” or “prank”. Start using hashtags to reach more people on Twitter! Keep your hashtags short, simple, and relevant.

Twitter Chats

A great way to promote your YouTube channel on Twitter is by making use of chats! A lot of Youtubers and vloggers use Twitter chats to build a bigger audience. Chats are an awesome way to engage with your followers and bring more attention to your YouTube channel.

Twitter chats are basically conversations that are built around hashtags. For example, VlogNation previously hosted a small Twitter chat for answering vlogging questions. The hashtag used for the chat was #AskVlogNation. In order for a conversation to take place, the required hashtag had to be mentioned in your tweets when asking or answering a question.


Q: How can you promote your YouTube channel on forums? #TeamThenextseo

A: Try including a link to your channel in your profile signature. #TeamThenextseo

Do you see the hashtag pattern? More people taking part in your Twitter chats leads to more people engaging with your brand. In this case, your brand is your YouTube channel. When Twitter users tweet you, their followers will be notified about the Twitter chat taking place and may even join in! This is why hashtag chats can be a great way to market your YouTube channel and to even grow your audience!

Tweeting Multiple Times

Tweeting often is important. Not everyone will see your tweets the second they go live. This is because your followers are spread out through different time zones like we mentioned earlier. Make an effort to tweet links to your most recent YouTube videos about 2-3 times a day.

It important not to, “over-tweet”. You don’t want to annoy your followers because it may possibly lead to them unfollowing you. So in order to be effective on Twitter, it’s important to spread out your tweets throughout the day. A good example would be to tweet about your most recent video during the morning, afternoon, and evening!

Run a Twitter Contest

Hosting a Twitter contest can be a really effective tool for promotion. Contests are a great way to build a bigger audience and get more people interested in your channel. Some of the benefits of running a Twitter contest are:

  • Increase Brand Awareness for Your Channel
  • Develop Relationships
  • Great Advertising Model
  • Get More Followers and Interest
  • You can manage a contest by asking your followers to enter by:
  • Retweeting Your Contest Tweet
  • Following You on Twitter to Win
  • Using a Branded Hashtag (#YourChannelName)

These are all just some of the ways you can host a Twitter contest. It’s also important to have a prize that will catch the attention of your target audience. Once you’ve decided on a prize, start promoting the contest by letting others know about it. Try and test out different types of contests to see which ones bring you the best results. Contests will bring attention to your Twitter page which should then lead people to your YouTube channel. This brings us to the next tip:

YouTube Link and Name in Profile

Your profile is the first thing that people will comes across when visiting your Twitter page. This is a great place to leave a link to your YouTube channel. Twitter allows you to add a link to a website which can be used for your channel url. An effective strategy is to add a link that will take visitors straight to your channel subscription page. This is a great way to get more subscribers.

Your Twitter profile name should be the same as your YouTube channel name. It’s important to have two separate accounts on Twitter. One account should be for your personal use and the other for your YouTube channel. But if you prefer, you can have one account for both. The main goal here is to cause awareness for your YouTube channel. The best way to do that is by naming your profile after your channel. Every time someone engages with your account, your YouTube channel name will be shown!

Mentioning Brands

If you are mentioning specific brands/companies in your vlogs or videos, then be sure to tweet them a link to those YouTube videos. For example, let’s say you did a review vlog on a beauty product that you liked. When tweeting a link to your vlog, you should also include the Twitter handle of the brand mentioned in your YouTube video.

This will lead to the brand/company being able to see your tweet, and if they like what they see, they may even retweet you! This will expose your YouTube channel to their Twitter following and could help you grow your audience as a result.

Ask Questions

It’s important to stay active and engage with your Twitter followers. If you’re not active on Twitter or barley engaging with your fans and followers, you may be getting some, “unfollows”! The more you engage with your followers, the stronger your YouTube brand will get. Asking questions is a great way to strengthen your relationship with your followers. Having a strong relationship with your audience is important for success!

You can ask for their opinion on your latest video or anything else in general. Not only is this a great way to get feedback on your YouTube videos but it also shows your fans that you care about what they have to say!

When coming up with Twitter marketing strategies, remember to be creative and to use whatever strategy works best for you in regards to promoting your channel. Also, remember to add your Twitter link on your channel description page and don’t forget to encourage your viewers to follow you on Twitter!

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