How to Remove Facebook Timeline?

Among facebook user there is a very comman question Howto remove facebook Timeline? It is just because of some user don’t like this new profile page and they want their old profile page back. Facebook users are trying to findout the answers after the released of Facebook timeline. Now we will let you know that how can you get your old profile. You can do it by following some simple steps.

First you have to create a new Facebook app with Facebook developer account and enabled Open Graph features in order to get Facebook Timeline.

After completing this step Click to go to Facebook Apps page.

Click on the app you have created where you have enabled Open Graph from the left hand side navigation menu.

Click on Edit Open Graph as shown in the below picture.

facebook timeline


Delete all three Open Graph settings by clicking on the buttons mentioned below.

Facebook Timeline Graph

Now  go back to your profile page in Facebook home page, you can see your old Facebook profile page is back.


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