Rickshawale.com lets you book an auto rickshaw online

If you reside in a metro, you will be familiar with the rickshaw struggles. Auto rickshaws are the preferred mode of transport for many, but finding one during rush hours can be a pain. So just like cabs on call, we now have the option to book and auto rickshaw. While the service has been around for quite some time in cities like Pune (Dial an autorickshaw – +91 9922904000), Gurgaon (autocall.co.in) and Haryand (radiotuktuk.com), it was recently launched in Mumbai, Rickshawale.com lets you book an auto rickshaw by calling their 24 hours helpline at 022 25747474.

They have a fleet of auto rickshaws across the city that are fitted with GSM tracking devices. This makes it possible for them to know the exact location of rickshaws and whether they are ferrying a passenger, When you place a call to their call center, you will have to provide the passenger details, contact number and pick-up and drop off locations. The rickshaw closest to your locations will be notified. On receiving the information the rickshaw driver will then send a confirmation via GSM tracking device, which sends the autodriver’s details to the passenger.

At the end of the journey, you will have to pay according to the meter along with the extra convenience charges. This service will provide respit to Mumbaites, Especially those who do not want to cough up for a an AC cab for a considering the trouble of finding an auto when you really need one services like these are definitely welcome

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