Screen Capture Tool For Windows Is Free And Loaded With Features

ShareX is a free open source screen capturing tool for Windows so loaded with features that it may give even commercial screen capture programs a run for their money. The tool is portable too so you can run it on your USB drive without installation.

ShareX has all features that would expect in a screen capturing tool. It lets you capture fixed areas on the screen, full application windows or even freehand regions. There’s a built-in editor to help you annotate screenshot images. You can create watermarks and they are auto-added to the image after the screen capture is complete.

You can configure the app to auto-upload your screen captures to cloud destination like Google Drive, Dropbox, Picasa, Box, Flickr, Imgur and many more. When the image is uploaded, the shared URL social networks.

There’s a useful timer mode that will auto-capture screenshots of the selected region on your desktop after ‘n’ seconds and will then upload them to your favorite destination.

ShareX also includes a screen recorder and the screencasts can be either saved as video (MP4) files or as animated GIFs. You can modify the default capture frame rate (FPS) to achieve a balance between the video quality and the video file size.



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