How to share files on Dropbox

If you work with teams, you are most likely to have a need to share and collaborate files. Dropbox makes sharing of files, folders, photos, videos or just anything super easy. It’s simple to set up and can save lot of time.

If you are away from office and want easy access to your files, all you need is an internet connection. You can access it from any device like tablet, phone, computer . You can easily edit the file and also share it with a co worker. Best thing I like about drop box is that it save versions of each edited file.

How to use dropbox to share files and do online editing?
Follow the 3 step process…

    1. Installation

      Go to Drobox and sign up for a new account. It is advised to install dropbox on your computer or phone by clicking on install option from your name dropdown on top right. Click the Upload button on top and follow the process to attach a file from your computer.

upload button

    1. Sharing

      Uploaded document will appear on the home page. Keep cursor on the document and click right, From the options available click on the “share link”.

share link

  1. Importing contacts

    From the window that opens click on import contacts and follow simple self explanatory steps to import – Gmail, yahoo and Facebook Contacts. (Optional step). Enter e mail address of the person with whom you wish to share document and put a message in the message box.

    Now you have two options – By clicking on send ( file gets shared) & By clicking on Get link( the link gets copied on clipboard). Both these options work fine.

Congratulations your file is shared. Dropbox makes online editing and collaboration super easy.

Follow the 2 step process to do online document collaboration

    1. Editing in Dropbox folder

      Person who has received the document needs to click on small dropbox icon on bottom tool bar, click on the Dropbox folder, open the file and edit it. To save the file simply follow process which is normally used on computer.

dropbbox folder computer

  1. Opening Dropbox folder

    – You will need to follow the same process to access the file and see edited version. You can also view the edited file on your dropbox website homepage. Every edited version gets saved automatically.

Congratulations – You have learnt online document collaboration as well.Few good reasons to use Dropbox for file sharing are given below.

1. While the initial free usage is for 2 GB, you can add upto 16 GB of free space through referrals (with each referral you get 500 MB of extra space). Additional space can be bought at attractive prices like 100 GB for $ 9.99 per month.

2. It is the only online cloud storage platform that provides client solutions for Linux, Blackberry, apart from ios, windows, android and mac.

3. Dropbox uses SSL – Secure socket layer and AES 256 encryption. AES 256 is the same encryption standard which is used by banks to secure customer data.

4. Dropbox backs up any changes to files for thirty days. So if you need an older version or want to undelete a file, it’s still there.

If your computer gets damaged there is no need to worry as your documents can be accessed from any other device, like laptop or tablet or phone or simply from Dropbox website.

If you find this useful, Do share it with your friends for them to easily share documents and edit them online. Also through a comment below share your inputs on how useful you found this step by step guide on using Dropbox to share files and doing online collaboration.

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