All Speculations on the Features and Apps of iOS 8

iOS 8 Apple’s 2014 version operating system for their iPhone and iPad devices is presently at its development stages at the firm. The iOS 8 is likely to be a key feature at the WWDC 2014 to be held on June 2 as its release is expected mid September 2014. Previous releases have shown Apple to launch the iOS every year with only a notable exception being the iOS 5 that launched 16 months after its predecessor.

Rife speculations talk of the iOS 8 to have features such as the HealthBook app, a standalone iTunes Radio application, API for Siri, Preview and TextEdit apps from the OS X, enhanced maps, integrated Shazam, Photo Stream, Voice Memo, CarPlay, enhanced Notification Center and Messages as well as the longed-for inter-app communication. Not forgetting anything else that will integrate it fully with the imminent iPhone 6. Additionally, it should have a more refined design, interaction, animation as well as core functionalities. Below are some major updates to expect.

Features and Apps Of iOS 8

HealthBook will probably be the major highlight of the iOS 8. With previous iOS versions focusing power efficiency and education, this particular year Apple is looking into wellbeing and health. The HealthBook app is expected to get all fitness info such as number of steps taken including the calories burned. Plus, medical data like the heart rate and blood sugar, all data is to be in one place. Just like Passbook, it will involve other apps and peripherals to aid connection and data accumulation, but serves as the main hub for easy access to data. However, the centerpiece with the HealthBook app would be the Emergency Card. It will carry all crucial data needed by first responders, safety or any other medical professionals to alert them of allergies, medications or other existing conditions.

Maps app is expected to be updated and having more clean as well as precise backend data. After letting off backend data from Google, Apple licensed TomTom and others but lacked good integration that lead to switched-off locations including destabilized information. These are expected to be fixed. Transit is also expected to make a comeback since its last feature on the iOS 6 after the fall out with Google’s data. Transit will provide directions to trains, buses, subways and metros. This can effectively be done by Apple due to its recent huge investments for transit services. In partnership with iBeacon, Indoor mapping will offer directions around parks, museums, office buildings among others. On the other hand, augmented reality could give info about nearby locations such as rooms available in a specific hotel including the rates all displayed live on a preview screen.

Photo Stream could be a full photo back-up service on the iOS 8 that will keep all the data synchronized on the iCloud. Eliminating the Mac as the only long-term storage point and enabling one get all the video and photos they need.

Then there is Shazam, by just holding it up and a tap on a button, the app will listen to any some music playing around you, tell you the singer and assist you find it. On the iOS 8, speculations have it that Apple is trying to integrate this kind functionality with Siri.


With the iOS 8, the redesign will no doubt be there not forgetting all new technologies. Numerous features are likely to be invented and announced with a few making it in or getting rolled back. This is the norm with all major groundbreaking software features.

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