Start-up Business Run Totaly off a Laptop and Computer

As a professional I have seen many people trying to try their luck in business of their own. Young kids, college grad and even corporate personalities who’s fed up with the rat race have moved to business field. Internet has lured everyone towards itself since the inception days. It has brought a worldwide revolution in the human being’s approach towards income. Today everyone is dependent on internet in many ways. Experts and even learners are exploiting every possible way to earn online. Laptop and pc’s are becoming their office. Here are some great startups to begin on laptop.


Web Developer
Website development and maintenance has good money. According to, there were 29.6 million small businesses in the US and Ad-ology found that 46% of small businesses don’t have a website. Everyday thousands of websites are uploaded. This field is for intermediates and experts.

Blog Maintenance Provider
Blog is becoming a hot trend among netizens. As tracked by BlogPulse, there were 126 million blogs on the internet in 2010 and most of them are in very bad shape. Most bloggers are beginners and don’t know the “how to” of blogging. They think they just have to write, post, and auto-tweet. So if you know how to properly post a WordPress blog post, you can offer this as a service to serious bloggers.

Mobile App Developer
In 2010, the International Telecommunication Union reported that 1 billion mobile broadband subscriptions. Every mobile broadband subscriber need great apps. With the advent of Apple os, Android and i-phone, the app market has got an immediate boost. Android has a fast growing app market which needs more and more creative app developer.

2. Graphic Design

Web Designer
According to Pingdom, there are 234 million websites on the net. Most of these websites look terrible. And the one which are good, know the value of continually improving the design. With the continuous demand of designing their layouts and pages, these websites provide a huge opportunity to do business.

Mobile App Designer
Much like mobile app developers, there’s plenty of need for mobile app designers. Companies usually contract out to both developers and designers separately to create the app.

Computer-Aided Designer
Designs are the blueprint for a material development. CAD drawings are typically 3D mockups and virtual prototypes that companies create prior to manufacturing a product. Pretty much every product design starts as a CAD drawing. CAD designers are needed in construction, game development, layout design, plant setup and almost in every industry.

Web Theme Designer
According to, there are over 53 million WordPress sites and about half of them are self-hosted. This means, WordPress alone has about 26 million sites that need themes.

Videographer and photographer
In 2009, Zappos reported a 6% to 30% increase in sales for products with video. Website owners realize that video converts higher than any other form of content, so they’re starting to contract out for that work. The same is valid for images too. Companies lookout for luring and attractive images. Meanwhile you can also start image website to earn through ads and affiliates.

3. Writing

Most of the company outsource the editing work so as minimize the pressure on its office. Part of the reason books usually don’t earn back their investment is because they have to pay for an editor. You’ll likely earn more as an editor than an author. As a freelance author and editor you can earn a booty as more and more companies are moving towards outsourcing.

With 126 million blogs, there are 126 million websites that need content. If you’re a good writer and knowledgeable about a niche topic, reach out to the top bloggers in that niche and ask if they’ll pay you to write for them.

English is the universal language of business, but there are roughly 6,500 other languages in the world. Books, websites, manuals, etc. all need to be translated to other languages.

Think of a blog as a platform to attract other business opportunities. Blogging is a growing trend. Here you can start up with zero investment and beginner’s knowledge still earning a lot. Blogs have gained such an importance that even well-established organizations are moving towards it. Some bloggers are part timers while some are solely dependent on it.

4.Internet Marketing

Search Engine Optimization
In the era of competition, 234 million websites compete to rise to the top of search engines. If you know how to optimize websites, you can help website owners save a lot of money on internet advertising. In return, these companies will be fruitful.

Social Media Manager
Don’t let companies outsource their social media campaigns. But a service that helps people set up their Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus profiles is completely legitimate.

Email Marketing Manager
Organizations needs customers, similarly websites needs viewers. If you offer to create and automate the email newsletters, it’ll take a lot of pressure off their backs. Email marketing has been a tool of advertizing and marketing. That’s why we call- The money is in the list, but it takes a lot or work to maintain that list.

Affiliate Marketer
To date, ClickBank has paid out almost $1.9 billion to affiliate marketers. Affiliate marketing is another way to make a living as a blogger. Many bloggers are readily dependent on affiliates for their living.

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