How Steve Jobs was once fired by Apple back in 1985

late Steve Jobs Apple co-founder was not world’s best leader at first, as reportedly recounted by former CEO of the company John Sculley, who said that that the visionary who helped create the personal computer was once fired by the tech giant back in 1985.

During the 13th annual Forbes Global CEO Conference in Indonesia, Sculley recounted that Jobs wasn’t a great executive back in those days.

Sculley said that despite the fact that the he and Jobs were inseperable as friends, a clash of ideas with the introduction of the second-generation Mac, the Macintosh Office led to his firing, Fox News reports.

The report said that the 1985 product launch was ridiculed as a toy and the negative reception was too much for Jobs who insisted on dropping the price of the Macintosh and moving the advertising, to which Sculley resisted and asked the board to take action.

The board ultimately agreed with Sculley and Jobs was fired, the report added.

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