How to Successfully Use Google Adwords Keyword Search

When you are starting out, the process of search engine optimization can seem intimidating at best, incomprehensible at its worst. This piece addresses how to use the Google AdWords keyword search function, which helps you see which keywords are highly searched, meaning more traffic for your article or blog.

1. Decide what subject you want to write about. The possibilities here are endless. For example, “chewing gum in school.” Using the Google AdWords keyword search will help you find out how people are searching this term and help you craft your messages based on the results. If your web pages reflect these searched messages, it’s more likely that traffic will go to your site seeking information.

2. Next, you need to make a list of potential keywords to run through the Google AdWords keyword search function. Think of all the ways someone might search for the topic. For this example, you might search for “chewing gum at school,” “gum chewing at school,” “chew gum in school” and “chewing gum in school.”

3. Next, go to the Google AdWords keyword search page. Paste the phrases you came up with into the box. You may have to click the box “Only show ideas closely related to my search terms” to conduct your search.

4. When the results appear, you will see how each is rated by subject, as well as how the terms rate using the words from your phrases. It also shows the highest monthly search volume of people around the world searching for the phrase “chewing gum in school” every month.

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