Himantra Organization launched its training institute “Tech Himantra”

Tech Himantra is a digital marketing and computer programing training institute located in West delhi. With the advancement of technology our commercial lifestyle has changed. People and brands prefer to go online for commerce. Tech Himantra provide skill based training to learners to fill the void created by the lack of proper practical training.

Owned by tech-enthusiast Manish Pandey, co-founder and CEO of the techhimantra.com, has been regarded as a bright tech entrepreneur, already owns two start-up companies under his belt. He launched his first business as an online training portal succeeded by Himantra, search engine portal. Tech Himantra has been launched as training partner of himantra organization.

Interested in persuing literature, He says he went on to become an author to prove he could do it but soon realised he had a different itch to scratch.

“In technical creativity we like… freedom,” he says. He found literature to be at the “opposite [end] of the scale”.

“It’s extremely useful in terms of experience but it didn’t fit me,” he admits. Manish realised he needed to get out quickly. “The longer you go into investment banking, the more you are paid and the more difficult [it is] to leave your job and start something on your own,” he explains.

Company offers various professional and technical courses. Professional courses include
1. Digital marketing
2. SEO
3. Advanced SEO
4. Affiliate Marketing
5. Internet Marketing
6. Joomla
7. Ecommerce Development
8. Advanced Facebook Marketing
9. Google Adwords certification
10. Social Media Marketing /SMM
11. Google Analytics
12. Email Marketing
13. Word Press / Google Adsense

Technical courses include
1. C/C++
2. Java
3. Android App development
4. Facebook App Development
5. Python
6. PHP
7. ASP .Net



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