The Three Social Networks Your Business Should be Using Daily to Boost Exposure

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The Internet is a great place for those looking to gain exposure for their business or their brand. Just where you should be focusing all of your efforts though? Well, first of all social media is not something you set once and then forget. You need to stick at it and make sure your business stays active online. Ideally, you should be doing something daily and in more than just one place.

There are three social networks that you should be using daily to boost exposure for your brand. Those networks are Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Why those three? Read on to find out why.

 Why Twitter and Why Daily?

Twitter is perhaps one of the most popular social networks out there right now. It’s being used by millions of people and even those that won’t touch Facebook are all over Twitter. High-profile individuals love to use Twitter as it gets the balance of interaction just right. 140 characters might not seem like much but, learning how to use Twitter can be an important part of marketing your business and brand. At first, you might not get it but, when you really click with Twitter, it’s like second nature.

Twitter has some great uses for business, whether you’re selling a product or a service, it’s great for customer relations. As you might know, customer service can’t wait so doing things on a daily basis is very important. With Twitter, you can almost instantly interact with your customers, giving you the ability to solve problems quickly. Not just that but, with it all being public you can build a brilliant example of how good your customer service is just by doing your job.

Twitter can drive traffic just by sharing links and using the right hashtags but, you need to gain followers first. To do so, you need to run an account that’s fresh and frequent. That means posting multiple links or tweeting multiple times each and every day. Then people will begin to follow you. Think of it like this: you tweet about a sale, which is then retweeted by your followers, their followers and their followers will see this sale. Keeping things regular on Twitter is important as you can come to rely on it to drive traffic, sales and help improve your exposure.

Big brands like T-Mobile USA have embraced Twitter and their digital marketing campaign has people talking about them all over the Internet. John Legere, the CEO of T-Mobile, is always on Twitter. He’s amassed an army of followers and helped T-Mobile’s exposure massively. No longer is the company a fledgling carrier but a fun, up and coming force in the Wireless Industry. Other companies that are not related to phones or internet use Twitter daily too. 12 Keys Rehab Center uses Twitter every day to promote their blogs and interact with customers. It’s a great way to gain extra awareness and make people feel connected to you. All from using Twitter on a daily basis.

Why Facebook and Why Daily?

Facebook might well have started out as the college network but, now it’s known for driving more traffic than any other network on the web. Of course, the type of people you come across on Facebook are different than Twitter and LinkedIn but, it still deserves your attention.

Creating a Page for your business on Facebook is one of the best things you can do for your brand. Exposure wise it’s an excellent idea. Users can comment on the page, easily recommend you to their friends and more. If you’re the running a business that’s selling, you can promote sales and special offers to more people than any other network. Do this on a regular basis and you can find yourself earning more money than you first thought.

Keeping things fresh on Facebook is just as important, if not more important than LinkedIn and Twitter. Facebook users will typically log-in twice a day so you need to build up a network of followers and give them something every day. Talk about upcoming sales, events or new developments daily, interact with customers regularly. Once you get into a routine of logging on every day, it’ll soon become part of your job and you’ll gain exposure for your brand like you never thought possible.

 Why LinkedIn and Why Daily?

LinkedIn might sound like the old guy at the party but, you shouldn’t look at it like that. Especially if you want to build bridges and boost exposure of your brand. If you’re working in a particular field that might be a little niche, then LinkedIn is the perfect place for you to be.

Customers and other businesses in your field are looking to spend big money on LinkedIn and having an up-to-date profile can be a big boost. HP is the first company to hit 1 Million connections on LinkedIn and we all know the far-reach of HP’s exposure. HP didn’t get there overnight though; they worked at it regularly and pushed hard.

To get anywhere near the same sort of results, you need to become a regular user of LinkedIn and check it every single day. Your brand or business can’t hope to become a successful and popular part of a network unless you’re a regular user. Connecting on a daily basis or sharing something daily will help you to steadily build your profile. After just a few weeks of using the site daily, you’ll start to see your brand pop-up all over the Internet. Exposure is boosted heavily by LinkedIn and it only takes that first step.

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