Tips for winning with SEO website design

In the days of Google page rank algorithm, it’s not enough to decorate your website with beautiful themes, apps and pluggins that addresses your client’s needs. If you really want your viewers to gather the benefits of having an online presence, then SEO is an utmost requirement. Search Engine Optimization is a method of improving the visibility of a website in search engines through organic search results, and is now a viable online marketing tool for a lot of businesses.

One of most challenging requirement of building a search engine friendly website is implementing proper SEO website design.

Designers have the challenge to create a website that wows visitors and is engaging while ensuring that the site is properly optimized. Design-heavy sites don’t always leave much room for on-page optimization, so it is required to find the right balance.

Here are few helpful tips to make it work:

1: Simple Layout

Keep your site layout simple and sober while beautifully designed. Targeting too much SEO can accomplish can work for the search engine spiders but will ultimately bore away your visitors from browsing your site. Make sure the navigation links can be followed by the search engines.

2: Use CSS to manipulate text
One of the greatest problems developers experience is using simply written text (such as the h1 tag) when visual written text is far more eye-catching.

The remedy is to use CSS to control how simply written text looks so the search engines will be able to choose up the material. It will never look excellent as visual written text, but it will be a large enhancement over simply text.

3: Avoid splash pages

Splash and Flash displays may look fairly, but they don’t present anything about about material to search engines, because they are unable to study the included written text in Display or pictures. Make sure that whatever your website is about is instantly available to the crawlers. They need to know if it is appropriate to the queries being searched. Avoid using Flash pages for content websites.

8. Consider simplicity

“Simplicity is the best policy” applies on web pages too. Keep the homepage and additional pages tightly focused. Avoid the desire to over-crowd them with banner ads, ads, lots of colors, print styles, video and audio. Use your creative skills to know when less is more, so as not to complexity the main subject or the proactive approach. Convenience indicates easier routing, indicates many years spent on a web page. Deduct out everything non-essential to a page’s focus. Develop a regular and straightforward method of connecting, labeling and web page structure. Some SEO experts say they have seen sites lose position when more features were added to pages that were earlier performing well.


Tip 3: Use mouse-overs on images

In case your site is heavily loaded with image and requires text, choosing mouse-overs will be the perfect solution. It can change an graphic-heavy site into a content rich site, if this is set up correctly. For a visitor, an image will mouse-over to written text. For the search engine crawlers, the text will be crawlable and seen as real content.

Tip 4: Use different fonts
Try your excellence with different fonts and new style combination and consider buying font packs. This will let you avoid images to keep your design attractive yet simple.

Tip 5: Create a mobile user friendly site
In the era of smartphones and tablets, majority of people are using mobile devices for browsing the Internet. In this case you will get a majority of viewers in form of mobile users. That’s why it’s crucial to develop your site mobile user-friendly. Your site should be meant to be viewed in mobile format and optimize it for search engines.

Tip 6: Concentrate on loading time
A heavily designed theme can mar down the loading time of your site. For not letting this to happen, it’s time to go back to the drawing board, figure out as how to reduce extra burden(downloads). This extra burden ranges from font downloads to high-resolution images to plugins for SEO to scripts.

To find the right balance between real optimization and great design is the trickiest part of website, but above tips will surely help you to win with SEO site design.


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