Top 10 Best Media Players Apps on Android and iOS 2014

It can be seen that the iPhone or Android Devices do supports limited formats which may include MP3, MP4, MOV that may exclude support for 1080 HD videos. For this reason, you may have to install third party software in order to play common formats such as FLV, AVI and MKV on your Smartphone and tablets. I have compiled a list of apps that will help to get the idea for the top 10 android and iPhone media players.


Well, this multiple platform video has extended its arms into the Smartphone and comes for free. You can easily any type of file without converting them and also allows its user to sync with any upload service. Get it from iTunes or Play Store.

Player Xtreme HD

Well, this video player comes to the IOS system models only and has a long list of supported video formats. It also has support for various types of transferring videos such as Wifi, iTunes or USB. You can also control video subtitles. Get it from iTunes.


Although, it does not support as many formats as Player Xtreme HD, but can be said as a more stable media player. It has many features such as TV out, attachment playing, lock screen, etc. Check it out from iTunes.


GoodPlayer is a well famous for its performance in the video player field for IOS model structure. It can be said as an alternative for Player Xtreme HD player and that it supports different types of languages. It also has an inbuilt file manager for managing files. Get it from the iTunes store.

Air Playit HD

Air Playit HD is a free video player that can play videos for iPhone. It can play iTunes store files and also has an offline conversion system. It also features auto music stream as well as Wi-FI transfer. You can get it from the iTunes Store.

MX Player

Yet another versatile player that can play different types of video format. Besides, codecs are easily available which enables different tablets and phones. It also contains hardware accelerator to play HD videos without any glitch. Just as easily get it from Play Store.


This is yet another beautiful media player for Android devices. The app itself is sleek and packed with many features and has network support too. Also, it allows the app to be minimized and played in the background over other apps. Check it out in Play Store.


The next video player on my list is the VPlayer. It can play any type of video formats which includes AVI, MOV, MKV and FLV files very smoothly. It can also play video from the internet directly. Get it from Play Store.

Archos Video Player.

This application can be found shipped along with Archos media players and tablets, but now the player is available for download from the Play Store. It may be one of the best looking media players and also has to organize your multimedia library. Now that’s good when you are searching for a particular file. Check it out at Play Store.

Wondershare Player

The last piece of our list is the WonderShare Player that has more than its offer. It has many packed with many online streaming services such as YouTube, Vimeo and ESPN. You can browse links from the player itself. Have a look at Play Store.

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