Top 10 Best Pop-Under Ad Network

Pop-under Advertising is a popular form of online advertising. They can be used for attracting web traffic and also for capturing email addresses, as well. Pop-under Ads open in a new browser window which is hidden under the main active window. They do not disturb the user and are viewable once the main browser window is either closed or minimized.

Despite being unpopular popup advertising is still very much in use particularly by known brands for promoting products or different services. Popup ads don’t just convert well for advertisers they also rake in sound revenue for the publishers. A more preferred form of popup is pop-under advertising. Pop-under ads stay low, under browser window and don’t disturb users.

Here I have listed down 5 Best Pop-Under Ad Network which you can use either as an advertiser or even as a publisher. They have been consistently delivering high performing solutions to online publishers and advertisers around the world.

These Pop-Under Ad Networks have much to offer to their publishers and advertising partners. Publishing clients can look up to top converting ad campaigns. They go onto offer extensive audience reach to its advertising partners. Using these Pop-Under Ad Networks you get to drive converting traffic to your website and get an opportunity for selecting the best performing ad campaigns. They offer real-time detailed statistics and also offer extensive qualified support.


PopAds is exclusively pop-under and offers a rate that depends on visitor traffic and website content. So the financial and insurance websites pull in a higher rate for pop-under ads than many freebie sites etc. CPM rates drop according to traffic quality. Website owners should pick the right category and keywords for their site. PopAds currently hosts multiple category advertisers from across 50 countries including from Southern Asia.


Performance based and operational on a hybrid pricing model that takes in a bit of CPA and also of CPM prices Adcash offers pop-under ads apart from several other standard formats like flash banners, etc. Your revenue earning will surely fluctuate with this network and the other con is that publishers have no control over number of pop-under impressions that are given per session for every user.


Gungoo is CPM-only, offers pop-unders and other ad formats and offer very competitive rates for pop-unders. Pop-under impression frequency is one for every visitor over 24 hours. The tech support is also good.


Exclusively CPM pop-under, PopCash offers good CPM rates, limits pop-ups to one for one user session and works best for good rates if visitor traffic originates from different developed countries though the network has a good presence globally. It also pays daily.


Edomz has a CPM popup and pop-under advertising framework that also offers CPM/ CPC banner advertisement and a day-to-day payment frequency. The network makes minimum payment of $5 and pays through Paypal, Payza etc. The Ad network works well for garnering good revenue if your visitor traffic is mostly from UK, US and other developed countries. It is good for Asian visitors as well.

Propeller Ads

Propeller Ads is by far one of the best Pop-Under Ad Network. It has earned the tag of being the fastest growing advertising company. They run ad campaigns based on CPA and CPL conversions. Publishers can look forward to payout 200% higher than anywhere else and 100% monetization for all visitors. In Propeller Ads you get to have pop-under ads, pop-ups, pre-rolls, post-roll, and overlay ads. With Propeller Ads, you get to select the best performing ad campaigns. Propeller Ads offers you more than one reason for selecting it as your preferred Pop-under Ad network. With Propeller Ads you get 100% inventory monetization, the own ad server solution, real-time detailed statistics, 24/7 qualified support and much more.


exoClick is a leading web and mobile ad network serving pop-under ads. It mostly caters to adult traffic serving global and multi-channel ad solutions through the web, mobile, tablets, smart TVs, and more. Moreover, exoClick serves more than 20 ad formats. Its excellent customer support comes with 24/7 customer service, dedicated account managers, with weekly on-time payments. You get access to its advanced real-time statistics. It is a recognized and leading ad network in the entertainment market which can surely help to monetize your website.

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