Top 10 plugins for WordPress

Hi Friends, This time we will bring our tested and most reviewed Top ten plugins for WordPress. This  list by us is based on our previous experiences, several trials and errors.

For beginners, we must tell you that WordPress is one of the most popular CMS for worldwide. Plugins are something which increase the overall functionality of WordPress. And it’s because of it’s exhaustive range of plugins that WordPress shines as a website building platform. Most of the new bloggers and webmasters are often confused about which plugins should be used. So, let’s begin our top ten plugins for WordPress guide.

>> W3-Total Cache.
>> WP-Optimize.
>> Better WP-security.
>> Akismet.
>> WordPress SEO by Yoast.
>> Insights.
>> WP-Socializer.
>> Facebook official plugin.
>> Ad-Inserter.
>> Jetpack.

1.) Better WP-Security :

This plugin is a gem in terms of increasing security on WordPress. It not only serves the basic needs but also comes up with advanced features for those who want that extra layer of security.

a.) Change admin slug : Most of the hackers target the WP admin page of a WordPress website. So, solution is simple : The plugin makes that URL non-functional and allows you to set custom URL for it, which of course only you will know.

b.) Hide Back-end : You can set to hide the Admin panel for a specific time duration daily or for a predefined set of days. Personally I like the ability to hide the back-end from late night till morning, this allows the blogger in me to sleep in peace.

c.) Change names of Database tables : You can change the names as well a prefixes in database tables, it protects from many basic attacks. Create a backup of your database before doing so. It can break some sites.

d.) Change name of Content Repositories : You can change the name of WP-content folder to something more difficult. (*But it’s not advisable) Because most of the themes and plugins are hard coded to call for WP-content folder. So I would advise not to enable this feature.

e.) Ban users based on IP : You can black list several IP’s as well as enable the default blacklist for extended security.

f.) Intrusion detection, file change detection & 404 file error detection : Enabling the 404 file detection is not recommended for shared hosting. But it allows you to know from it’s logs that which files are giving 404?s on your blog. As well as it allows you to know whether you are under brute force attack or false traffic attack or not.

g.) Database backup, SSL support : You can schedule the database backups to daily, weekly or hourly schedules. SSL support is only good for those who have bought a separate SSL service from their domain name provider.
h.) Log in Lock-down : This is the best feature of this plugin. You can set to log in lock down for an IP address after a number of failed attempts to log in  This is the best feature against the ongoing brute force attacks.

2.) Bullet proof Security 

Bullet proof security works in another dimension. It secures your site via the .htaccess file and not allowing core access to anyone other than the admin. It also has log in lock-down support. You can set .htaccess file in your root and wp-admin folders through this and it works against the most sophisticated attacks too.

The only thing that is bad about this plugin is that because of it’s modifications to .htaccess it can meddle with the working of other plugins which rely on the .htaccess file.

3.) WordPress SEO by Yoast 

This plugin is the definitive plugin in terms of SEO. It’s configuration is simple Allows a person to use focus keywords, post optimization, use meta keywords, proper language and grammatical suggestions. It also provides with canonical URLs, sitemaps, breadcrumbs and other features.

4.) W3- Total Cache

The definitive plugin in terms of increasing the performance of your WP website. From shared hosting, to dedicated servers to private VPS, it works for all. Ours is an image intensive website, still with W3 installed we manage to get under the 2 seconds mark at times!

5.) WP-optimize 

This plugin helps you optimize your database tables from time to time. It’s an essential plugin because the database gets fragmented with time.

6.) WP-Socializer

WP-socializer is one of the best social sharing plugins. It has the features for almost every conceivable sharing button layout style. From top floating bar , to side floating bar to fixed buttons. It does them all.

7.) Jetpack

Top ten plugins for wordpress jetpackJetPack is developed by the parent company of WordPress. It enhances several features of self hosted installations by providing the features which are exclusive to users. Features like comment forms, social comments, infinite scroll, content distribution, photon

Webmaster note : Though it’s a very nice plugin, using Jet pack slows down the websites which are not on a good hosting plan. So, you can try it for some days to check for any performance issues that may accompany it.

8.) Akismet

Akismet takes care of comment spam. It drastically reduces comment spam and helps in keeping the headache of removing spam comments at bay. Download Akismet.

9.) Ad-Inserter

Ad inserter allows you to insert your ads in any location throughout your website’s layout. It support fixed and float options. It works well with almost all ad networks. Just paste the code and voila it’s done.

10.) Insights

The insights plugin allows you to add links from within your post writing interface and allows you to search for links from specifically within your blog, Google Wikipedia etc.

6.) Facebook official plugin
This plugin allows you to integrate your Facebook app with your website. Any post which is liked on your website will show rich thumbnails. Many like and share options, recommendations bar, Facebook comments and several other post to timeline and fan page options make it an awesome social plugin.

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