Top 5 Google Adsense Alternatives

A majority of bloggers; almost every one of us face one problem once in blogging career : Adsense got banned; what to do ? This is a common haunting dream bloggers never wish to have. In current scenario google Adsense is the best paying ad network for bloggers.

So why one will ask for another ad network ?

The answer is simple. It is due to the hardbound rules and mandates that makes many of bloggers go without adsense. They either end up getting banned from the network or their adsense account is suspended. In this scenario, bloggers need another ad network that is profitable. Here is the list of top adsense alternatives:

Top Adsense Alternatives

  • Yahoo! Bing Network Contextual Ads (YBN)

With solid brands backing the network; it is clear that Yahoo! Bing Network is the best contextual Adsense alternative out there. With Google getting tougher on its policies harassing bloggers;  the monopoly of Google Adsense is going to end.

Getting Approved: Difficult

CPC Range: 0.05$ – 1$

Minimum Payout: 100$

Payment Options: PayPal, Bank Transfer


  • Infolinks

With in-text advertising and very low CPC, it proves to be the last option for the bloggers, but can prove beneficial for the blogs getting high traffic with adsense got banned. The in-text advertising is worst experience for the readers.

Getting Approved: Easy

CPC Range: 0.001$ – 0.30$

Minimum Payout: 50$

Payment Options: PayPal


  • Chitika

The ad-network that is not on bloggers menu card because of the filtered ads that can make you go aaw! what the hell!!!! because of unrelated ads on your contents. But with your luck getting right, you can get good ads on high traffic articles. CPC can be good for these articles for which you can consider the ad-network.

Getting Approved: Easy

CPC Range: 0.01$ – 1$

Minimum Payout: 10$

Payment Options: PayPal, Check


  • Clicksor

With pop-up ads, this ad-network is a depressing fellow. For high traffic, you can really make good money with this network but for high CPC advertisers always choose pop-up ads which can degrade your blog value.

Getting Approved: Easy

CPC Range: 0.01$ – 0.5$, $2+ per 1000 views of pop-ups (CPM)

Minimum Payout: 50$

Payment Options: PayPal


  • Bidvertiser

This ad-network is well suited for gambling and bidding websites and blogs. But with very limited number of ads and that too of gambling and bidding; it is not beneficial for other niche blogs. CPC is not very good for normal ads.

Getting Approved: Very Easy

CPC Range: 0.01$ – 0.2$

Minimum Payout: 10$

Payment Options: PayPal

Here you got 5 best alternatives of google adsense for CPC ad-network. But Adsense is the real boss in current scenario and a lot of bloggers are generating awesome revenue from Adsense program.

Top 10 Indian bloggers earning through Adsense.

So try to opt and secure your adsense account.

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