Top 5 Reasons Why Apps Rejected by Apple

Unlike Google Play, the Apple App store is not open source and to get your app featured in the app store, it has to undergo a rigorous reviewing process by Apple to protect its users from issues such as viruses and identity theft. The strict reviewing process of apple not only ensures that whatever you download from the app store is safe but will also offer iPhone users a peace of mind.

When an app doesn’t get through the apple apps store’s reviewing process, they may reapply for another review once they have made changes to the app. You may now be wondering as to why Apple had rejected your app. Nat Friedman, Xamarin’s CEO and Co-Founder on venturebeat provided some of the reasons as to why your app might have been rejected by Apple.

Top 5 Reasons Why Apps Rejected by Apple

1. Beta Apps or Unfinished Apps

Apple is very particular when it comes to apps that are unfinished. Nat Friedman have seen instances where apps with labels such as “Beta” or “Preview” are bring rejected by the Apple apps store.

2. A Long Load Time

Just like the other mobile operating systems such as the Android and Windows, the iOS platform also enforces a maximum startup time for the apps. The iOS platform expects the app to launch within 15 seconds.

3. Outside Payment Links

When it comes to in-app purchasing mechanism, Apple expects that its digital content should be sold only through iTunes. Nat Friedman warns that if your app accepts any other payment options, it will be rejected by Apple. He advised app developers to verify that all purchasing should go through the iTunes account of the respective users.

4. Don’t State that Your App Supports Other Platforms

Before launch, ensure that you don’t mention anywhere in the description or in the app that it is compatible with other platforms as well. However, you may do so in your webpage description of your app.

5. Icons/Buttons are Not Uniform

According to Nat Friedman, there have been instances where apps have been rejected not because of performance or functionality issues, but because of UI issues. While developing the app, be certain to use the standard UIButtonBarSystemItem to ensure that the appearance and the functionality of the app is uniform. Getting acquainted yourself with Human Interface Guidelines from Apple will be helpful in ensuring a proper usage of icons and buttons.

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