How to Use Twitter to Increase Traffic to Your Blog

How to Use Twitter to Increase Traffic to Your Blog

Without any doubt, twitter is one of the most popular social networking sites. You can drive massive traffic through twitter to your blog/website. But, you have to know the proper ways to do that. Here are some important tips –

1. Make a twitter account and add blog’s url

At first you need to have a twitter account for your blog. Give username which is relevant with your posts. Add your blog’s url in website’s information.

2. Design your twitter page as it represents your blog

In twitter you can design your page like a blog. Give profile picture, header photo and theme that represent your blog. Give a short description about your blog.

3. Share your twitter page with friends and increase your followers

You won’t get traffic from twitter, if no one follows your twitter account. So you have to follow others. Share your twitter account online everywhere. You can ask your facebook, google plus or other social media friends to follow you. You have to follow them back. Also, find people who follows and post on similar niche. They will follow you back too. But, avoid spamming.

4. Be active

Respond to comments or messages of your follower. Sometimes retweet their posts and comment on their post. They will do same. Otherwise you will lose your followers and traffic to your blog.

5. Add a ‘follow us in twitter’ badge in your blog

Add a ‘follow us in twitter’ badge in your blog. This will help increase your twitter followers and traffic. People who visit your blog may follow your twitter account. So, they will get feed as soon as you tweet something. They won’t forget your blog.

6. Share your blog posts with funny/interesting/surprising title of link

You can not use more than 140 characters in your tweet. So, put title or write something funny/interesting/surprising about your post. If it’s attractive, people will be curious to see the post, otherwise they will ignore it.

7. Use hashtag

Hashtag is very important for getting traffic. It’s like keywords/tags of a blog post. Don’t forget to add hashtag. For an example, if you tweet a post on blogging, use #blogging in your tweet. When anyone (even who are not your followers) will search using the word “blogging” on twitter, people who don’t follow your page may find your tweet. So, they may retweet your post and start following you. But, don’t use it excessively. Don’t use more than 2 hashtag, or it will be spamming.

8. Timing

Tweeting depends much on time. You won’t get same amount of traffic from twitter all times. All twitter users don’t stay online at same time. It depends on which country they are from, what their occupation are and so on. You can test it yourself by Google analytic or other tools. Tweet in different times and see when you get the best traffic.

9. Tweet regularly

Keep your audience active. Tweet regularly. People will remember you and become your fan. Share useful contents only. Don’t share low quality contents. When they will see your posts are useless, they won’t look at your post next time though it’s valuable. It’s not that you have to share only links or your blog posts. If you don’t have new post to share from your blog, share other sites valuable posts or write something interesting. Or, share video or photos that people will love. But, don’t share your 1 blog post again and again. Otherwise it will be detected as spamming.

10. Post from big site

You should share contents from other popular sites too. Always know about the trends from left side bar of your twitter page. Tweet about the trend. Imagine you have a sports blog. If the trend is about Olympic Games, post link from a popular sites using hashtag feature e. g. #OlympicGames. You will get more followers in this way.

11. Don’t share video or audio without mentioning about it

In twitter, video or audio can’t be visible directly. So, add a short description about your video or audio.

12. Avoid spamming

No one likes a spammer. Spamming is also not allowed on twitter. So, be aware of it.

Hope these steps will help to increase your blog traffic.

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