What is Internet Marketing & eCommerce Explained

What is better – a custom programmed ecommerce website, an off the shelf ecommerce program or a hosted shopping cart solution? The real answer is, it depends. And almost every business owner looking to sell his or her products on the internet HATES that answer.

So we as internet marketing professionals have to ask a few questions first before answering the main question (off-the-shelf or custom design).

What do you sell? How much do you sell? Who do you sell to?

Frankly, those are the most fundamental questions. There are a lot more I ask of my clients in our consultation session.

In essence, some products or services are easy to sell online and don’t require any fancy programing. An example is a single product with no features or options like a Book or a CD. Other products that are customizable like a computer (selecting cpu speed, hard drive size, video card…) are a bit more difficult and not all off-the-shelf systems offer that feature so some customizing has to be done.

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