Window 8 Release Preview

With the pace of time we have got to see lots of changes in the field of technology. Now one major change in the field OS (operating system) is ready for users. Microsoft’s launched its new operating system today that is Windows 8. “Windows 8” it’s an attempt to build an operating system with modern visual elements via the risky Metro design language. It’s a barrage in the war for tablet application. It put emphasis on touch screen, and it sets the stage for upcoming versions of Windows Mobile. Microsoft has got to succeed with all its Windows, Windows 8 has to work. Microsoft says the Windows 8 Consumer Preview, which debuted at Mobile World Congress in February, is “the most tested Microsoft operating system of all time,” with more than 1 million downloads during its first 24 hours of public availability. It’s tricked out with social networking and synchronization, it’s robust enough to handle monster suites like Adobe’s, it gracefully moves from touch to keyboard and mouse, and it’s got some top-notch security. According to Release Preview is a stable, fast operating system that’s ready to compete, but a selection of default apps that are far from complete.

Window 8 launched with several features like:

Multitouch touch pad: One of the big new features is that Windows 8 will allow multitouch gestures on touch pads.

New Apps: Not technically part of the operating system, but nevertheless important to the success of Windows 8 are the included, basic apps you get out of the box.New Microsoft apps in Release Preview include Sports, Travel, and News, all three of which make good use of photos and information from Bing.

New App capabilities: We haven’t seen several uses of Windows Metro interface features now new and updated apps will make it possible. You could always pin an app to the Start screen as a tile from which you could launch the app and see live updated info. But now you can pin subsections from within an app, too.

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