YouTube Video Monetization

How to Monetize YouTube Videos?

Nowadays making money online is easy with initial hard work and maintaining your reputation further. If you are the one always looking for monetizing your online content through Pay Per Click programs then it’s a time for you to think of making money from your YouTube videos also.

You do not need to search for a video making or editing software in order to make a complicated video. Short and simple videos are favorites of YouTube users and you can just convert your photos into a beautiful slideshow using YouTube video editor or just upload your mobile video by sending it to your YouTube mobile upload id.

What are the Requirements to become a YouTube Partner?

Well, the first and foremost requirement is that you own the copyright and commercial rights to distribute the videos. This means you need to create your own videos or use the creative common licensed videos. You will become a YouTube partner when any of your uploaded video is monetized.

The second requirement is to have a good standing account. You can check your account status in “Features” option under “Channel Settings”. There should not be any copyright or content dispute in order to have good standing account.

You can monetize your YouTube channel and accrue the payment without having AdSense account. In order to get paid from your YouTube channel you should associate an AdSense account with your YouTube channel. The money you earned from your videos will be paid through your AdSense account.

How to Enable YouTube Video Monetization?

You can enable monetization at channel level as well as on a video level; this means you have an option to choose the videos you want to monetize and leave the ones you don’t want to monetize.

Channel Level Monetization

In YouTube you have to first create a channel and upload videos under the channel. When you enable channel level monetization option all the videos uploaded under your channel will automatically become eligible for monetization. You can click on “Enable My Account” button in “Monetization” option under “Channel Settings” to activate monetization of your channel.

Video Level Monetization

Even you activate complete channel for monetization, you have an option to control it at individual video level. Video level monetization can be set during the upload or anytime later by editing the video. The option is available under “Info and Settings” as shown in the below picture. You also have an option to select the ad format and ad network for each video. Learn more about YouTube video level settings here.

How to Check or Disable the Monetization?

If you want to verify whether your channel or video is monetized then you can check the same under your channel settings as well with individual videos.

Monetization Status in YouTube

Under “Channel Settings” you have an option to disable monetization of your channel.

Monitoring YouTube Monetization

You can check the traffic status of your videos under “Analytics” tab and the “Earnings Reports” section will show the revenue generated through your YouTube videos. Earnings from YouTube will also be shown in your AdSense account.

YouTube Analytics

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